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Who Moves Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight's the night of the second eviction of Big Brother Series 5, the first one actually voted-for by the public. However, it's not a normal eviction per-se.

As you will probably know if you've been keeping up with our stories recently, not one but two housemates will be 'booted-out during tonight's show. The group will then be down to nine.

However, these two evictees will be sent on something of a busman's holiday, as they won't actually be going home, but will be moved to a bedsit where they'll help Big Bro execute its evil plan.

But which two will go?

It looks like the bookies favour Emma and Michelle but we disagree. Going against our own Poll for once (asking which pair you want to go), we feel that Emma will be the one staying behind tonight, not Ahmed.

We're basing this on the fact that the public aren't really voting for the pair they want in, but for the person they want out. Therefore, in our opinion, that's likely to be Ahmed first, followed by Michelle. But we shall see.

When Big Bro's 'bedsit' plan was first announced in Week 1, we were quite excited by the concept that Victor and Kitten might get thrown together, or even Ahmed and Marco.

However, with the three nominees turning out to be Ahmed, Emma and Michelle, there really is no 'duff' combination.

Ahmed, who has resigned himself to leaving tonight, will probably go even more stir crazy in that tiny bedsit and of course, if the girls end-up together, there'll be many a red-blooded male hoping to see some action, if you know what we mean.

Also, the housemates staying behind will think that the evictees (movees?) are gone for good, so will doubtless feel free to bitch about them. That should make for some rather interesting viewing when the pair walk back through the door a few days later!

Don't forget, whoever survives tonight's eviction stands a chance of getting properly evicted earlier than the other two, so if you're voting tactically you need to consider that.

Otherwise, just put ahmed in to watch him go nuts and then put Michelle in to make sure he goes nuts! Michelle is an absolutely essential movee in our eyes, purely so that we can hear Stu voice relief that his stalker has gone. He he.

You have until shortly after 9pm tonight, Friday the 11th June, to vote for the person/s you'd most like to see moved to the bedsit. The voting telephone numbers can be found within another of our Latest News stories.

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