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The 1st Nominations In Detail

On Day 11, the first Nominations proper took place (discounting the Day 1 nominations ref: losing Kitten's suitcase) and were announced the following day. Kitten had already left the house following her forced eviction on Day 8, leaving eleven contestants behind. Bookies were already predicting before the nominees were even announced that Ahmed and Michelle would be up for eviction, and those two were joined by Emma. Here's who nominated who and why:

Ahmed's first nominee was Marco because, "He thinks that he has more rights than me... that he is superior to me". Ahmed said that he had a problem with Marco's views on his legitimate British citizenship and his rights. His second choice was Emma for a similar reason: "Because if she thinks that she is superior to me or has more rights than me, there can be no friendship or trust".

Ahmed was Dan's first choice, mainly because he'd said that he wanted to go. However, the big man also stated that, "He's not taking part, he's a loner and it is difficult to include him". Second choice was Michelle as Dan felt she had a hidden agenda. Clarifying that he didn't know what her game was, he stated, "She could have more faces than Big Ben?"

Emma's first choice was predictably Victor, mainly because of the way he talked to her during the 'toilet bust-up'. She didn't like his attitude and had found his shouting inappropriate. For her second nomination, Emma went for Daniel because, "We were talking in the front room and he said 'she's not as stupid as she makes out to be'". She therefore took it that Dan was saying she wasn't being herself.

Jay went for Marco as his first nominee. "He makes the most annoying seal sounds I've ever heard," was Jay's reasoning, further stating he was 'loud, noisy and irritating'. His second nomination was for Emma, because, "She has a complete lack of respect for the housemates when she goes to toilet". Jay was obviously referring to the recent Victor bust-up, but Emma had also walked-in on several other housemates.

For his first nomination Marco went for Jay, because, "I sometimes feel that when we're trying to have fun, he kind-of looks down on me". Referring to his own little bunch of pals, aka the harim, Marco said that Jay was, "Not finding us amusing", and stated that the muscleman intimidated him. About his second nominee Ahmed, Marco said, "I just feel that perhaps he could become a little more involved with group activities". "There are other people who would appreciate their time in the house more than him," clarified Marco.

Michelle's first choice was Ahmed, saying, "I just feel that he doesn't necessarily fit in". Although she told Big Brother that she too had experienced loneliness in the past, Michelle went on to say that she had nothing in common with Ahmed and didn't know what to say to him. She also stated that he needs to accept other people's views. Her second nominee was Jay because, "I can ask him a question and he almost instantly takes offence". Michelle felt as though she had to carefully think about what she said to him.

Ahmed was Nadia's first nominee. "I can't really connect (with) him and find him a little bit strong" i.e. opinionated, said Nadia, stating that Ahmed was isolated from the group. Her next choice was Dan, on the simple basis that, "I think he's holding back on what he really is... he's very self-aware". She expanded on this by saying, "I have doubts about his intentions in the House".

Shell went for Ahmed as her first nominee because, "He voices problems a lot of the time without really solving them himself". Insinuating that he wasn't very mature, she also described Ahmed as being aggressive. Shell's second choice was Michelle, because she seemed to be the main person causing segregation within the group. Also, Shell felt that Michelle didn't like Vanessa and suggested to Big Bro that she could get to know Nadia and Emma better with Michelle gone.

For his first nominee, Stu picked Ahmed but gave the rather vague reason, "He doesn't particularly impact me in any describably (sic) set way... there's no deep emotion involved for me". Akin with Marco, Stu also felt that Ahmed was not having as good a time as everyone else and not making the most of the Big Brother opportunity. Vanessa was his second choice, mainly because she had frowned upon the food fight. He stated, "It just made me feel right, well, we're on opposite sides of the fence here".

Vanessa chose Ahmed as her first nominee, mainly because he has his ideas on how things should be done and she has her own ideas. Stating that he irritates her a bit, Vanessa also noted the age gap between them. Her second nominee was Michelle because, "I don't like her rolling eyes... and I don't think she likes me". Vanessa told BB that she'd tried to get to know Michelle but did not find her open about herself. "I don't trust her", said the penultimate nominator.

As the last person to visit the diary room, Vic was not in the mood to beat around the bush. He nominated Emma first because he was still annoyed at the toilet thing. "She doesn't think before she speaks", said the Londoner, describing his first nominee as 'the stupidest person on the face of this earth'. His second nominee was Nadia, aka 'Mrs Jimmy Hill jaw', because, "She's expendable, you know?" He talked about the language barrier and then stated, rather strangely given his formerly serious stance, that there was no room in the house for two snappy dressers, him being one of them!

So, the tally after the first round was:

Ahmed: 7, Emma and Michelle: 3, Daniel, Jason, and Marco: 2, Nadia, Vanessa and Victor: 1, Shell and Stu: 0.

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