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Kitten's Rule-Breaking Resume

Big Brother has a number of main rules and the only one not broken by Kitten in her week-long stay in the house was 'no physical violence'.

Here's a reminder of precisely what got the rebellious ex-housemate her three warnings, ultimately leading to her eviction on Friday night:

1. Tampering with the fixtures and fittings, including: the Jacuzzi microphone, the garden statue, the wall decorations, cameras, the fridge and trying to pull-out cables from the plasma screen.

2. Not wearing her personal microphone. On six occasions, the rebellious housemate was specifically asked to put her microphone on.

3. Talking about the audition process. Kitten discussed it on two occasions, even though she knew full well that this was forbidden.

4. Discussing previous BB series and housemates. Kitten discussed former Big Brother housemates twice, mentioning 'Nasty Nick' Bateman and Anna Nolan, both from the original series.

5. Discussing nominations. She encouraged Emma to nominate the garden statue Diandra and the fictional entity 'Big Sister'. These were both silly suggestions, but nevertheless Kitten had broken a rule.

6. Communicating with the outside world. Housemates must not attempt to communicate with the outside world in any way and BB deemed that Kitten's messages on the window had flouted that rule.

7. Failing to take part in the task. Kitten refused to take part in the first Saturday night live task, where housemates had to nominate someone to forego their suitcase. Instead, she told Big Brother that she would come inside 'when she felt like it'.

8. Failure to get up when the alarm bell sounded. On her first morning, Ahmed had to go and wake Kitten up in the pamper room, but she went back to bed after the bell had stopped ringing.

9. Damaging the house and its contents. The mischievous housemate broke the fridge padlock, painted on the mirrors and daubed paint on the walls. Funnily enough, that's not allowed!

10. Health and safety issues. Kitten disregarded her own safety by climbing on to the roof twice (Sunday and Friday). She also took a drinking glass and alcohol to the Jacuzzi, something which is not permitted by Big Bro.

11. Disobeying Big Bro. Of course, she was disobeying the omnipresent power by doing all the above, but there were specific instances such as:

Successfully inciting all the housemates to disobey Big Bro through 'Big Sister', by not returning their suitcases,
Refusing to go to the diary room when asked by BB on two separate occasions,
Looking through the mirrors to see what was behind on three occasions,
Not returning the painting materials after the plate task and stealing the paint to write her message.

Wow, that's a LOT of anarchy for just one week, but at least it kept BB in its toes and was compelling for us fans to watch too. Big Brother, we feel, has gone for a lie down!

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