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Unpredictable To The Last?

This series of Big Brother seems determined to remain unpredictable to the last... and we think it's fantastic.

If you can remember back to Big Brother Series 2 in 2001, it was obvious half-way through that gay air steward Brian Dowling was going to win the series and scoop the prize money; no-one could touch him.

Then, during Big Brother 4, we knew half-way through that a male winner was extremely likely as all the girls got picked off one-by-one. This year, however, the lead has changed almost every week.

One minute Daniel was the bookies favourite, then Vanessa gained ground, then Shell, then Stu, Victor, Michelle and now, right near the end of the game, Jason's odds have suddenly been slashed to match Dan's (go via our Betting Zone to find the latest odds).

In other words, the bookies are giving the controversial Scot as much chance of winning as Dan, and we know for a fact that some bookies even believe Jay will overtake him to challenge for first place.

Who'd have thought that a couple of weeks ago?

To be honest, this is not anti-Jay sentiment, but we would be genuinely amazed if the muscleman came anywhere near first or second place, mainly because the public have been really gunning for him throughout this series.

That said, admittedly he does appear to be integrating with the group much better now and may well have more fans than Shell, possibly even Stu; but to suggest that Jason could beat Dan?

Well, we wouldn't be surprised at anything this series!

Voting to evict someone is different to voting for someone to win, but what this situation highlights is that you MUST vote for your favourite housemate, or housemates, if you want them to do well.

If you sit back and think, for example, that Dan, Nadia or Jay will be okay and that loads of other people will have already voted for them to win, it might just be that Shell wins the series and you'll only have yourself to blame.

Again, although she has arguably done too little to justify winning, we're not being anti-Shell there, we're just making a point.

Our point is, that you should pick-up the phone and support the housemate/s that have amused you, entertained you, compelled you to watch or kept you on the edge of your seat for the past 9 weeks. It's only fair.

After all, with just five contestants left at this stage of the game, it appears that any one of them stands a chance of Winning at this point and we're quite chuffed with that.

Carry on voting, Big Brother Fans!

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