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Who'll Win Tonight? YOU decide!

Woo-hoo! It's the last day of the series and later tonight, one of the Final Four contestants will scoop the prize money and join Craig, Brian, Kate, Cameron (Jack Dee, Mark Owen and that camp teen blokey) as a Winner of Big Brother UK.

As-if you didn't know, the four remaining housemates are Daniel, Jason, Nadia and Shell; the public have been voting for one of them to win since Michelle left a week ago.

So, who's it gonna' to be?

We predicted at the start of Week 8 that it would be between Daniel and Nadia, and that may still be the case. However, it is not entirely clear whether Jay is in the running or not, having incredibly lasted until now against all the odds.

The bookies seem to think the muscleman will get further than Dan now, mainly because quite a few polls have Jay ahead by around 5%. The thing is, there are different ways of interpreting the polls at this stage of the game:

Firstly, it has been suggested that the Nadia haters/Victor fans are voting for Jason to win and vice versa. If true, then this would explain why Dan and, particularly, Shell are fading from view, because all the activity is centering around two people.

However, here at BBO we wonder whether the same people who've been voting for Jay in the polls, have actually picked up the phone and voted for him to win in the public vote? In other words, have they put their money where their mouth is?

Don't get us wrong, we like Dan and we risk accusations of hypocrisy here, but full marks to Jay for surviving. We're not going to whinge whatever the outcome, because how fitting is a 'Harem vs Jungle Cats' ending?

Ooooh, it's almost like Big Bro has engineered it... ahem!

If Jay fans aren't phoning and texting-in like the polls suggest, then Dan, who was slightly ahead of Nadia in the polls when we last wrote a similar article, could actually be in front of Jason in the public vote proper.

That scenario, i.e. Dan ahead, wouldn't be too much of a surprise though, given that the Hull hairdresser has been popular, and Jason unpopular, throughout most of this series.

What has almost certainly thrown a spanner into Dan's works, however, is all his talk about not wanting to win. Although he's since back-tracked on his claim that he would rather walk than win, many fans have moved-on to support someone else: Nadia.

Still, lots of Nadia fans have suggested that they will also support Dan tonight, in addition to voting for the Portuguese puffer. If so, it could well save Dan from being beaten by Jay, but can either Dan or Jay win?

To be blunt, no. The prize money, but more importantly the feeling of acceptance, already belongs to Nadia. We can't really moan though, because this only started to become clear very recently, unlike other series when it was obvious who would win half-way through.

Something you must bear in mind, is that if you have strong feelings about who you'd like to win, or who you definitely don't want gaining victory and grabbing the prize money tonight, you MUST register your vote/s. It only costs 25p, after all.

If you just sit back and hope that someone else will take care of things, it could result in huge 'shock' result, particularly if the Jason supporters go crazy on the redial button tonight!

Good luck to all four contenders; they've done well to get this far. We really can't wait for tonight's show/s and hope that you'll enjoy watching the Finale as much we will, whoever prevails.

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