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What Davina And Dermot Thought

Appearing live on e4's 'Efourum' show just a matter of hours before last night's eviction, the two long-standing Big Brother presenters gave their opinion on what might happen next.

Talking about Jason, Davina said, "He's not everybody's favourite, but he is interesting to watch". The excitable Big Brother fan went on to predict that Shell or Stu could be leaving at the surprise eviction.

Hmm... did Davina have inside information that the pair had received the least number of votes so far? With hindsight, it certainly seems like it, especially as she later declared on the live show that two housemates were almost neck and neck in the voting.

Dermot thought that Stuart was possibly a good challenger for Nadia and remarked that the youthful housemate seemed to be acting differently now that he was 'free' (from Michelle).

However, Davina chipped-in and suggested that perhaps it was 'too little, too late' from the former Sheriff?

Back with our Dermy, the funny 'Big Brother's Little Brother' presenter predicted that Shell would probably be the one evicted, something he thought would be a shame because she'd been a good housemate in his opinion.

Back on the subject of who might win, Davina mentioned Dan, but suggested that his clap-trap about not actually wanting to win and not needing the prize money, has possibly set him back.

"He doth protest too much", said the 36-year-old, accurately reflecting public opinion that, although still popular, a lot of fans have cooled towards Dan since his protestations about winning.

About their favourite moments so far, Davina cited 'any time Nadia runs out of cigarettes' and Dermot was particularly impressed with meeting Victor, someone who is 'smart and doesn't take himself too seriously'.

The pretend bad boy's diary room moments had cracked Dermot up, especially when he ended his serious rants with a nice, meek, child-like comment or request!

Talking about Nadia, who was lauded as the possible front runner for winning the series, their favourite qualities were: Davina, "The way she wears her heart on her sleeve," and Dermot, "Her vulnerability".

Dermot stated that Big Brother this year had been 'terrific', and we certainly not going to argue with that.

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