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8th Official Eviction Shock: It's Stuart!

In something if a shock outcome, Stuart has become the 8th person to be evicted from the Big Brother House, having lasted almost 10 Weeks in the game and very nearly made it to the final day of the series.

The public have been voting all week for who they want to win the series and evidently, Stuart had received the least number of votes by Wednesday night, when Big Bro implemented a sudden, surprise eviction.

However, Stu's eviction will have come as something of a shock to lots of Big Brother fans, as many were hoping that Jay would go but most believed it would be Shell. Certainly the bookies thought so.

Having received 7% of the public vote, we feel that Shell must have only just been ahead of Stu though, thereby narrowly avoiding eviction?

It was very much a shock for Stu himself, not least because the party was in full swing when he got called into the diary room and told that his game was over. The usually-upbeat Cheshire lad was frankly stunned at the news.

Looking back at his time in the house, right from early-on Stu showed his feminine side by suggesting on Day 5 that he wanted to "Be a chick" by having a gender swap day.

He subsequently went-on to have his nails painted, wear lipstick, stick glitter on his face and wear women's clothing during his stay in the house.

By Day 7, Stu and Michelle had become an item after a game of truth or dare. They canoodled on the sofa into the early hours of the morning.

During the 'Burger Bar' task which began on Day 10, Stu hilariously made up cheesy songs during the night shifts, including the infamous Barney Jones theme tune, an homage to Dan's burger-flipping alter ego.

The fun-loving housemate got stuck into the mud wrestling of Day 13, but Stu's fun was quashed a couple days later when his beloved Michelle was evicted to the bedsit with Emma. Thinking that she'd gone for good, he spoke of being shocked and feeling numb.

Day 20, the night of the controversial bust-up when the bedsitters returned to the house, saw Stuart wearing a fancy dress cowboy outfit. He became attached to the Stetson hat, but it was later repossessed by Big Bro.

The desperate student was later duped into buying a massive floppy hat from the shopping list and then Big Bro pulled the wool over his eyes once again, by selling him a miniature 'Monopoly'-style hat instead. Very funny indeed.

Stuart enthusiastically grabbed the chance to dress up as Shell for a task on Day 26, sporting pigtails and rosy cheeks in the process. It goes without saying that Michelle was concerned!

On Day 29, Stu got caught up in a rather amusing misunderstanding whereby two of the the lads thought he'd asked them for a condom. He hadn't, but it wouldn't be long before he needed one...

Day 42 saw the whole group stage a silent protest because they'd failed the 'Back To School' task. In retaliation for them saying and doing absolutely nothing all day, Big Bro burned Stuart's real cowboy hat, thereby killing-off any chance of a return for his character 'Johnny Horizontal'.

The others group members laughed, but Stu was totally devastated and literally cried in the pamper room as a result.

During the 'Boot Camp' task which began in Week 7, Stu playfully threw himself into the role of soldier and his child-like antics rivalled those of the best primary school boys. However, his 'stripper' routine at the request of Sergeant Michelle was rather less child-like!

He also performed again at Shell's hen night on Day 53... in more ways than one. With the lads' Full Monty routine out of the way, Michelle bundled her man into a makeshift boudoir under the table and (allegedly) had her wicked way with him.

The pair apparently 'got it on' again just two days later, this time in a cosy den that Michelle had put together inside the pamper room.

On Day 60, Stu was shackled to Shell for a few days as part of the 'Chain Gang' task. However, the beady eyes of jealous girlfriend Michelle were never far away. Scary!

Stuart will be remembered most for being under the thumb of Michelle for virtually his whole stay in the house, something he couldn't see until he came out and saw the video clips.

Fans are unlikely to forget the boast about being the brainiest Big Brother 5 contestant and the continual talk about his loyal bunch of pals, collectively known as 'Team Handsome'.

Having declared himself a Jungle Cat near the start of the series, Stuart is far too much of a fun-loving person really and we don't think he left the House a JC as promised.

Here at BBO, we shall remember Stu for is his infectious smile, his mega enthusiasm, positive outlook, for saying 'Amazing' all time and his ability to just do something childish and playful at the drop of a 'hat'. Well done Stu. Stay young.

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