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Twists And Rumours

There's been lots of speculation lately about what 'evil twist' Big Brother is set to implement tonight, when the contestants will be cut down from five to four in number.

After Michelle's eviction last Friday night, Davina said, "Whoever has the least amount of votes will be chucked-out... and it's 'gonna happen in an evil way".

This got fans guessing what the twist might be and the most popular idea seems to be that Big Bro will evict someone and give them no chance to say goodbye.

We were speculating a week ago that the all-seeing power might suddenly call someone (the person with the least votes) into the diary room, but they would not return to the group.

It would be the end of that contestant's game and they would then be taken to meet Davina and have the interview etc.

However, fans have refined the idea, suggesting that there would be the build-up for an eviction, but then BB would announce that they can all unpack, making them believe they're safe.

However, before they've had a chance to get their cases, it would call one person to the diary room and duly evict them.

The latest rumour is that Big Bro will throw the housemates a party, thereby providing an obvious excuse to play music into the house to drown-out any possible crowd noise.

The relevant person would be called into the diary room with the bash in full swing, and be 'booted-out via a side door.

Whatever happens, it looks likely that something along these lines will occur tonight.

As for the rumours about who might be coming in to the House, they could be just that: rumours.

There was speculation that a celebrity might spend a night in the house, with top movie star Will Smith mentioned initially. However, that was probably more of a mutually-beneficial PR stunt, than something which was ever likely to go ahead.

Instead, just to relieve the boredom in the last couple of days, there's a possibility that a D-Lister like 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant Vanessa Feltz might turn up.

She went stir crazy and told Big Brother to f*** off last time she was in the house, so it would certainly pep things up if the one-time chat show host spent some time with the Final Four!

Roll on tonight.

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