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Fun, Frolics, Flirting and Fake Boobs

Yes indeed: fun, frolics, flirting and fake boobs. All that, and it's only Day 2!

After a second night of boozing, some of the housemates decided to do a bit of mud wrestling tonight, having gained Big Brother's permission first.

First off, Stuart went against Michelle while a fully clothed Victor whipped her backside with a rolled-up towel. But, as the match progressed and other girls joined in, Victor's increasingly letch-like behaviour got steadily worse.

"Let's get all slippery in here," said the cocky Londoner as he hosed down the girls' bikinis to keep them wet!

Following-on from the short bout of wrestling, Stu, Marcos, Nadia and Michelle decided to take a mud bath and had great fun rubbing each others backs in a boy-girl-boy-girl formation.

The frolicsome four then joined Ahmed in the Jacuzzi, where Victor proceeded to instigate a Wet T-Shirt competition by soaking a fully clothed Kitten, sat on the side of the pool.

It became harder and harder to work out 'who was flirting with who' though, as Stuart seemed to be paying Michelle a lot of attention and vice versa. Later, however, Victor became the recipient of the girl's attention by gaining a muddy foot massage from Miche' alone in the pamper room.

With all the subtlety of a house brick, the would-be Romeo kept winking and coming out with corny stuff like, "You know what they say about guys with big feet?" and, "Do you like DOING IT?" There was also some talk about the girth of his 'old man'.

Wow, this guy really knows how to romance a lady (NOT), but to his credit, it actually seemed to be working: Michelle confirmed her interest, but the cocky cad was less successful later when Vanessa gave him a back rub in the Jacuzzi and then totally spurned his efforts to return the favour.

Meanwhile, Dan and Jason suspected that Nadia's boobs were implants and so they challenged her, trying to 'cop a feel' in order to check the authenticity. Emma was absolutely certain they were real but the two fellas were not convinced.

However the Portuguese housemate, formerly a man, just flounced off to the pool leaving the question unanswered.

All in all, it was a fantastic, fun night and BB has to be commended for not spoiling things by stopping the group drinking in the Jacuzzi, or implementing the rumoured 10pm garden curfew.

Without wanting to patronise, Nadia also has to be commended for donning her bikini and getting stuck into the mud wrestling. Given her situation, she's certainly got some balls... well, erm, she hasn't actually, but you know what we mean!

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