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1st Evictee: Kitten

It's been a tumultuous time for Kitten over the past week, but now her rein as the true backbone of 'Big Sister' has come to an end.

In a veritable explosion of anarchic behaviour she has defied Big Brother as much as possible since arriving last Friday night, having broken almost every rule in the book on a journey which ultimately led to her eviction tonight.

Having refused to do the suitcase nominations on the very first day, she progressed to tampering with the cameras, microphones and plasma screen, uprooting the garden statue, moving the fridge, climbing on the roof, wrecking the furnishings and painting on the walls.

And let's not forget her refusal to wear a microphone, and the times she encouraged a revolt, ignored the alarm, discussed nominations, communicated with the outside world and told BB 'where to go' in no uncertain terms!

How could they have kept her in, really?

As the group speculated that it was getting too late for an eviction, Big Brother told them to sit down and broke the news: that one of the twelve would be evicted right NOW.

Building-up the tension as usual, it was revealed that Kitten would be the one to leave, which was met with a big sigh from the somewhat shocked group.

As the 1-minute countdown began, Kitten carried-out her promise and refused to leave, heading for refuge in the pamper room. Most of the other housemates excitedly bundled in after her.

However, Big Bro had a contingency plan and sat them all down again, only to state that for every minute Kit remained in the house, £10,000 would be knocked off the possible £100,000 prize money.

The clock started ticking and although several housemates said they weren't in it for the money, Kitten did the right thing in the end and decided to leave, costing them just £9,000.

As she left the house ever the rebel, the Brighton girl 'flipped the bird' to the cameras and even went back to hassle the awaiting press, who'd jeered her as she passed-by with Davina. A reunion with Lianda was not far away.

After she'd gone, the remaining twelve housemates talked about her for some time, but nothing negative was said. They stood in a circle chanting KIT-TEN, KIT-TEN in her honour and there was even speculation that she might come back.

Frankly, we're sorry to see her go, not least because she challenged the system and did all the things that people always say they'll do, but never have the balls to actually do.

Kitten undoubtedly turned Big Brother back into an experiment and the producers probably didn't know what they were likely to face each day - how exciting? For that, she must be applauded.

Controversial to the nth degree, Kitten left when she was ready, despite Big Brother's psychological games during the eviction show and on the morning of the eviction, when she actually wanted to walk.

It's a real shame that she couldn't have stayed-on and perhaps learnt to let her hair down, trust people, reduce the anarchic behaviour and come out of it a better person. Still, at least she won't be forgotten.

Kitten, we salute you... with 2 fingers, of course!

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