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BB5 Launch Night - In They Go!

Having been hidden-away to prevent them seeing the recent tabloid stories about Big Bro's evil plans, tonight was the night for 'the chosen 12' to walk through the doors of that ever-so famous house.

Marco was the first to jump out of a limo and veritably minced all the way down the walkway. Upon entering the front door, he initially jumped around and screeched like a an excited schoolboy(girl?) and then headed for the fridge to search for alcohol!

The second person to arrive was Ahmed, who smiled away as he calmly walked to house. Despite claiming that to be openly homophobic, and given the fact that Marco is undeniably gay, the smiles continued as they made each other's acquaintance.

Next to come was Jason, who swung open his car door to reveal he was wearing only a leopard-skin thong, a bow tie and some flip-flops; 'nowt else! Without doubt this made for most controversial entrance yet by a BB contestant and was met with a huge roar from the crowd.

After a 'Rocky'-like walk to the house, his entrance tickled Ahmed who laughed continuously at Jay's sheer balls for wearing next to nothing. "What ARE you wearing?" quizzed an amused and bemused Marco, initially thinking that he was a stripper.

Housemate No.4 was Daniel, a gay man who doesn't like overly-camp gay guys. And just guess who he met first? Yep, the ever so slightly queeny Marco! Dan had confidently strutted his stuff down the walkway and grabbed a drink as he calmly met the other three lads.

Next up was Stuart, who made his way along the walkway looking like a cool 'surfer dude' with his long hair and rolled-up bandana. Upon entering the house he was handed a drink by Marco and looked mightily relieved to be finally inside.

The final boy was Victor, aka 'Slick', who worked the crowd as he made his way down the walkway with a Chris Eubank style confidence. Once inside, it was as though he enters a Big Brother house every day of the week, such was his cool demeanour.

The first girl into the house was Vanessa, who looked pretty in pink as she made her way along the walkway, waving at the crowd as she went. First met by an overly-excited Marco, the bubbly housemate then spotted Victor, someone she didn't get on with at the auditions. Ooh, great!

Housemate No.7 was Emma, who bowled down the walkway with tons of enthusiasm, smiling, screaming and waving as she went. As the 'dippy' contestant excitedly met everyone else she couldn't stop talking. Jade alert, Jade alert!

Next came Kitten, the 'PC' lesbian who looked very serious as she walked towards the house, looking for her girlfriend in the crowd. Sticking two fingers up at the producers as they tried to move her along, she insisted on kissing her partner goodbye before walking straight past the press and flicking them the V-sign. Liam Gallagher would have been proud!

The seemingly anarchic and brash contestant then entered the house and received a calm welcome from the others, before admitting that really she was terrified.

Michelle came next and stuck safely to the centre of the walkway on her way to the house. The potential bisexual contestant was all-smiles as she met the other ten housemates, looking rather relieved to have made it inside.

The penultimate arrival was Shell, who meekly made her way to the house and looked like 'a rabbit caught in headlights' as she posed for the press. Not a fan of laddish behaviour, god knows what she made of Jason in his thong?!

Nadia was the final contestant. She confidently walked into the hous, but by that stage she had to go and meet everyone rather than they rush to meet her. Big Brother quickly made an announcement, perhaps to divert attention from the former-male contestant?

The producers have definitely chosen a fantastic group of people this time and you can already tell this ain't 'gonna be no boring Big Brother 4.

These days, sexuality isn't an issue unless you're really ignorant, but just to recap: we've got four straight guys, two gay guys (one of whom claims to attract straight men), four straight women, one gay girl and one girl who likes a bit of both. Oh, and one of the women used to be a man.

So, with BB5 we've got the potential for women to fancy men, men to fancy women, women to fancy women, men to fancy men, and men/women to fancy what they think are women. Bl**dy hell, this is going to be one hell of a series, mark our words!

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