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PLEASE NOTE: This article refers to Series 5, which has already taken place in 2004. Please check our Latest News section for details on applying for the next series.

Apply For Big Brother 5 Now (...Sort Of!)

Right. If you're one of the many nutters, er, 'dedicated fans' who've been waiting for months on end just to find out how you can apply for Big Brother 5, we've got news for you: you can't!

However, before you get your knickers in a twist and start typing-up an e-mail rant, please read on, as Endemol and Channel 4 have simply changed the application process this time around.

Instead of inviting potential contestants to send-in their video tape and application form as before, the program makers have now completely dispensed with that idea. Rather, all you have to do is turn-up to an open audition and be yourself now.

Auditions, which were previously 'invite-only' affairs, will take place in eight venues around the country, starting on Saturday the 14th of February and ending on March the 14th 2004.

It goes without saying that large numbers of people are expected to attend and so inevitably, not everyone will make it into the actual audition rooms. Don't fret though, as the production team will doubtless be scouring the queues for interesting people and may pick you out, even if you're right at the back.

So why the changes? The official line is that this new way of doing things makes it more fair, as not everyone has a video camera and/or the ability to produce an application tape.

The thing is, previously you would only have had to travel if the top bods were definitely interested in you; now you are being forced to travel to an audition just on the off-chance that you might get noticed.

Also, there'll be many a disappointed wannabe walking away from the venue moaning that they could have represented themselves better on tape. However, from the producers' point of view these open auditions offer a chance to meet many more people in the flesh than previously possible, which can only be a good thing in the search for the right contestant group.

Still, we can't help feeling that they've basically just run over schedule and can't spare the time to view 10,000 tapes again. Either that, or they've lost the heart to view 10,000 video tapes, having endured that mind-numbing task last year!

On that note, we re-iterate: please remember to be yourself. If you're normally really bubbly then by all means be-so on the day, but try not to 'ham it up' too much. Conversely, if you're normally pretty quiet but have something of a dry wit, act naturally and perhaps that's what the producers will be looking for this year?

So, if you want to be in with a shout of winning the £70k this summer, get yourself down to one of the below venues and shine. Just remember to keep in touch with BBO and let us know how you get on. Also, if you do make it into the house, please put your family in touch with Big Brother Online so that we can support you.

Best of luck.

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