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The Latest Big Brother 5 News

With Big Brother 4 (and it's forgettable contestants) now a distant memory, fans will be pleased to hear that their fave show is set to return within a matter of weeks.

The next series should begin, as before, towards the end of May. However this year, it will likely run for 10 weeks instead of the usual 9, pushing the Final to the last day of July, or possibly the first week in August?

And it looks very much like the top bods have 'pulled out all the stops' in a bid to provoke the kind of highly-compelling drama which made the first three series' so addictive.

Predictably, actual news is a bit thin on the ground but there’ve been rumours aplenty as-to what BB5 has in-store us fans, so here's just a few:

Apparently, the UK's most famous house has undergone a dramatic interior makeover and we wouldn't be at all surprised to see the return of BB3's red-cum-metallic colour scheme, which was heavily contrasted with a soft, pastel look last year.

Harsh tones add to the tension within the house, hopefully leading to friction between the housemates. To that end, Big Bro has also shrunk the available interior and garden space down somewhat, thereby forcing the contestants closer together.

Despite a general lack of interest when two of last year's Teen Big Brother contestants had an inevitable liaison under the covers, it seems that the producers are doing all they can to encourage n**kie this time around, introducing shared bedrooms from the start.

There have been strong rumours that a 'love nest' type room, first mentioned during BB3, may be put into use this year... let's just hope that they've weeded-out all the bible-bashing virgins like BB4's prissy Cameron Stout.

Certainly the show could do with being more raunchy than BB4 (not hard), but frankly here at BBO we can’t help feeling that British fans are more interested in seeing flirting and romance than actual s*x.

This was demonstrated during Big Brother 2 in 2001, when car designer Paul Clarke canoodled with the girl who subsequently became his partner, dizzy hairdresser Helen Adams. Remember all that talk about 'stuff'? Brilliant!

Other rumours? One is that there'll be a bona-fide couple in the house. Quite why, we aren't sure, but it would be a great twist if they weren't allowed to tell the other contestants for a while.

Just imagine if you'd been bitching non-stop about another housemate, only to find-out a couple of weeks later that you'd been bitching to their partner! Great stuff; are you listening Big Bro?

There was also a rumour that the house will be split into two definite halves, kind-of like when the glass bars divided the house during part of BB3. However, the purpose this time around would be so that fans can banish dull contestants to the 'dungeon' part of the house for a while. He he.

This would seem to go hand-in-hand with the rumour that there'll be quite a few more contestants this year, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Right, that's enough speculation for now and hopefully we've succeeded in whetting your appetite? Here in the BBO office we're getting really excited, so roll on Big Brother 5!

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