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Don't forget, there's a reunion of all the Big Brother 4 contestants tonight, Sunday the 27th July 2003.

We're not entirely sure what will happen during the show, but last year's was frankly a rather lame effort and a blatant attempt on the part of C4 to rake even more cash in - they gave out rubbish little awards and asked viewers to vote etc.

Still, hopefully they've scrapped that format and it should give fans a last chance to see all the, erm, 'BB4 characters' before they slip into certain obscurity.

We'll definitely be tuning-in, just to see if Lisa demonstrates her Bruce Lee-beating 'one inch punch' or whatever it is she can do with two fingers.

'Big Brother's Little Brother's Big Reunion' takes place on e4 tonight between 7 and 8pm and will be repeated on Channel 4 at 11.15-12.20pm.

Also, this weekend fans have been able to catch an introduction to the forthcoming Big Brother USA coverage, which continues next week on E4 - check your TV schedule for more details.

The series has already begun in the U.S., so this weekend's E4 coverage has been a chance for fans to catch-up with the first week-or-so of their show.

The BBO staff have been watching it and so far we're quite impressed. Sure, it looks a lot more contrived than our show, but the way it works is different.

For a start, producers have introduced the 'Ex Factor' for this 4th series - a new twist where 5 ex-partners/ lovers join the 8 original contestants, much to their dismay.

The housemates also have the facility to win amnesty from being evicted by winning the Golden Veto, a concept akin with Survivor. They must also explain why they want someone booted-out in front of them!

In the first week, Chicago waiter Scott proclaimed to be a barber for a laugh and really messed-up Jee's hair, followed by one of the girls totally cocking it up, resulting in a 'GI cut' from an ex-army contestant.

Scott, who still hadn't got over breaking-up with his 'ex' Amanda, who was also in the house, later flipped out, threw and load of chairs around the lounge and then got kicked-out by Big Bro.

There's also been a load of tittle-tattling and game-playing going on and you have to wonder if, like the E4 advert says, 'This is what you've been waiting for'?

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