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Accuracy Of Information/ Content:
Big Brother Online (hereafter referred to as 'this site') uses reasonable care to ensure that the information on this site is accurate. However, as a fansite, the nature of the site is such that 'opinion' is given, not only by our own editorial staff and contributors, but also by visitors to the website. Where visitors may post or make comments in our Blog, Chat Rooms or Discussion Forums, we will endeavour to edit the blog/ forum postings regularly and our chat rooms will be moderated by humans periodically. However we will not be held liable for any direct or indirect offence or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, any information found within these, or any other sections of this site. Please be aware that certain sections/ pages of this site may contain out-of-date information or offers, due to visitors having arrived at old pages via the search engines. Visitors are advised to always browse this site beginning at the Home page to for up-to-date information and proper archived pages. None of the material contained within this site is to be relied upon as a statement or representation of fact, and should be checked with the appropriate party. E&OE.

The design-of (including layout and colours) and ALL content within this site remains the Copyright of Big Brother Online UK unless otherwise stated. This includes our News articles, Betting content, Blog postings, Forum content and Poll information. It is NOT permitted for any other party to use, copy, reproduce or distribute the recognisable design or content of this site (including text, static/ animated graphic images, poll results, video clips) without the prior permission of Big Brother Online.

To clarify: you cannot take, copy or alter any of our intellectual property for use on your own website or publication, without seeking prior permission. You cannot copy-and-paste the text that forms the News articles and Features found within this site, or any other content such as Forum quotes or Poll information, and post it into the Forums or pages of other websites without i. seeking permission and ii. acknowledging the source, complete with a linked URL. Big Brother Online regularly checks other related websites for unauthorised use of its intellectual property and reserves the right to take immediate legal action if found elsewhere.

The service marks and logos (the Trademarks) used and displayed within this site are established trademarks of Big Brother Online and other companies. They may not be used in any advertising or other publicity materials in relation to the distribution of any information or materials obtained from this site without the prior written consent of the Trademark owner. No other website or web presence relating to the concept of Big Brother in the UK can call itself, claim to be, infer that it is, or be promoted as 'Big Brother Online' or 'BIG BROTHER ONLINE', without flouting the established trademark of this site.

Big Brother Online, BIG BROTHER ONLINE, bbo, BBO and the Big Brother Online logo are trademarks of Big Brother in the United Kingdom. Big Brother is a trademark of Endemol. Our recognisable logo, which appears at the top of every page within this site, cannot be taken or used elsewhere without seeking prior permission from Big Brother Online.

Hypertext Links:
Big Brother Online has not necessarily sanctioned the linking-to this site from other websites. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for the content of such sites i.e. those that contain a link to the Big Brother Online website. Furthermore, we are not necessarily affiliated-with, friends of, sponsored-by or linked-with (commercially or otherwise), websites or companies that link to this site. You are free to link to this site, but preferably to the URL (our Home page). If you must deep link i.e. link directly to a specific page/ URL within the Big Brother Online website, it would be preferable that you seek permission before publishing your link and/ or inform us that you intend to do so. You must not under any circumstances link directly to the result of our Polls; we would ask that you link to our Home page or dedicated Polls section instead. We reserve the right to request the removal of any link to this site, without giving prior warning, notice or reason. Big Brother Online will not be held liable in any way for the content, information or offers detailed on the external sites found within our Links section, or in our dedicated Links microsite, or on the websites of companies that have chosen to advertise on the Big Brother Online website, as we have no influence on them.

Transmitted Material/ Privacy:
Any material or information transmitted to, sent to or posted to this site by any means will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and may be disseminated or stored or used by Big Brother Online or its affiliates for any purpose whatsoever including not limited to publishing, marketing or sales. Furthermore, said material or information (other than personal information such as e-mail address etc.) will become the Copyright of Big Brother Online upon receipt, unless previously published or copyrighted. Do not post or transmit, to or from this site, any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material or any other material which could give rise to any civil or criminal liability in the territory to which this site relates. By using the Blog, Chat Room or Discussion Forums on this site for the purpose of posting your own opinion, you agree to the above. Do not post copyrighted property into our Blog, Chat Room or Discussion Forums without i. seeking permission from the copyright holder and ii. acknowledging the source. If you sign-up to our Newsletter, we will not sell, supply or forward your e-mail address to any other party, affiliate or partner without requesting your permission first.

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Disclaimer: Big Brother is not connected in any way, commercial or otherwise, with former broadcaster Channel 4, current broadcaster Channel 5, or the programme-maker Endemol, nor is it connected with either's online presence relating to the TV show Big Brother. To clarify, the Big Brother Online UK website (this site) is NOT the Official Big Brother website and is independently owned and run.

Should you have any queries relating to the information contained on this page, or wish to request permission to use our copyrighted content, please send us an e-mail via our 'Contact Us' page. You will find the link to that page on the Big Brother Online Home page, amongst others