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BBO Forums To Return For The Last Ever Series: Big Brother 11

Right, here's the deal: for many years we had a fantastic, very well-moderated Big Brother discussion forum, one that allowed our site visitors to have fun talking about the show without experiencing lots of arguing, txt speak, hostile behaviour or multiple posts on the same subject. Then we had a server failure, and the entire set-up/ membership list was lost due to a misunderstanding about back-ups. Oops!

Anyway, since then, we've received a steady stream of e-mails from BB fans saying that they've tried other forums but would desperately like to see our Big Bro Forum (and our off-topic 'The Den' forum) return.

So, we're going to try and bring the forums back for one last time, but only if you lot will actually use them during Big Brother 11 this summer. Remember, that'll be your last chance to chat with other fans about the show, and it would be great to see a load of the old names back again (not that there was ever a 'clique' with our forums).

On that score, please get in-touch to let us know if you are genuinely interested in using the 'phoenix' BBO Forum, and also let us know what your username was if you can remember. We will reserve usernames for old members, but of course, new members aged 16-or-over will be very welcome to post on our forums.

We must stress though, that due to the cost of server hardware and web hosting, if there isn't sufficient demand in-advance of BB11, the forums may not rise again, which would be a real shame. Put bluntly, your support is essential if you are keen to see them return, so please get in-touch over the coming weeks to let us know your feelings, whether you'd be a new member of the community or an old hand returning during the last-ever series of Big Brother UK.

Lastly, can all prospective forum please users ensure that they're on our Newsletter mailing list. See the Home page of the website, or the right-hand margin of this page, for the Newsletter sign-up form, and please use an e-mail address that we'll definitely be able to reach you on over the coming months.

Oh, and if you're a rack server manufacturer, or you work in Marketing for one of the big hardware companies, let's have a chat about the possibility of you supplying us with some hardware in return for advertising this summer.

Check back soon for more info. on our Big Brother UK Forums                  < back    top



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