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Key: D1, D2 etc. refers to stories about Day 1, Day 2 etc., Gen refers to General Big Brother UK stories and BBO refers to stories specifically about this site. This section is updated daily now that the show is on air.

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Post Celebrity Big Brother 7 UK

Big Brother 11 Start Date - The new series begins on Wednesday the 9th of June 2010. We haven't written an article because we're busy redesigning the BBO website. The new design will be up-and-running shortly. In the meantime, please add yourself to our mailing list. See you back here soon!

It's Your Last Chance To Audition! - article added 01/02/10  Gen
The CBB7 Finalists' Percentages, Weighted By BBO - article added 30/01/10  Gen
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Celebrity Big Brother 7 UK - Week 4
Dane: 'Jordan At Finale Would Be The Worst Thing Ever' - article added 29/01/10  D27
Who WINS Tonight? You Tell US! - article added 29/01/10  D27
Mocking Rocky - article added 29/01/10  D26
The Boys Like Their Baths - article added 29/01/10  D26
Alex Reid: The Gambler - article added 28/01/10  D26
Married Mum Says: 'Jonas Wrecked My Marriage' - article added 28/01/10  D26
7th Evictee: Nicola Tappenden - article added 28/01/10  D25
6th Evictee: Ivana Trump - article added 28/01/10  D25
Davina Set To Enter BB House And Mingle! - article added 27/01/10  D25
Jonas And Dane Would Be Happy To Reach Finale - article added 27/01/10  D24
Dane Resents Paying For The NHS - article added 27/01/10  D24
Celebrity Big Brother May Return - article added 26/01/10  Gen
Jonas Is A Right Geek! - article added 26/01/10  D24
Vinnie's Bluster Put Down To Banter - article added 26/01/10  D23
Jonas Is 'In Awe' Of Vinnie - article added 26/01/10  D23
Ivana Gets Close To Vinnie (For Task) - article added 26/01/10  D23
You Ask: Where's BBO's 'Winner' Poll? - article added 25/01/10  D23
Heidi Fleiss Documentary On TV Tonight - article added 25/01/10  D23
Jonas In Nazi Salute Smear - article added 24/01/10  D22
Dane Branded A Womaniser And Trouble-maker - article added 24/01/10  D22
BB Fans Spared The Horror Of 'Jedward' - article added 24/01/10  D21
Fans Wonder What Sisqo Said To Vinnie - article added 23/01/10  D21
Voting Telephone Numbers - For The Winner - article added 23/01/10  D21
You Are Now Voting For a WINNER! - article added 23/01/10  D21
Vinnie Fans, Make Sure You Vote - article added 23/01/10  D21

Celebrity Big Brother 7 UK - Week 3
Vinnie's Missing His Missus' - article added 23/01/10  D20
It's A Unanimous Decision: Alex Is A Nice Guy - article added 23/01/10  D20
Is Nicola Really Popular? - article added 22/01/10  D20
Which Pair Will Go Tonight? YOU Decide! - article added 22/01/10  D20
Jonas Ridiculed For 50/50 Management Deal - article added 22/01/10  D19
Fighting Talk - article added 22/01/10  D19
Vinnie Spooks Cameraman - article added 21/01/10  D19
Vinnie's Mobile Gave The Game Away - article added 21/01/10  D19
Nominee Sisqo Challenges Vinnie - article added 21/01/10  D18
Housemates Tell Stephen He Talks Too Slowly - article added 20/01/10  D18
Nicola Asks Jonas If He's Bisexual - article added 20/01/10  D18
Billie Piper: 'I'd Do CBB Over Other Reality Shows' - article added 20/01/10  D18
Dane Freaks-Out In Nightmare Drama - article added 20/01/10  D17
Sov Claims That Bullying Brought Her Down - article added 19/01/10  D17
Davina McCall: 'Keep The Celebrity Version Going' - article added 19/01/10  D17
Voting Telephone Numbers - Second 'Double' Eviction - article added 19/01/10  D17
It's Another Double Eviction On Friday - article added 19/01/10  D17
Nicola Cries After Receiving Family Photo - article added 19/01/10  D16
Jordan Re-iterates Feelings For Alex Via BBBM - article added 19/01/10  D16
Third Round Nominees/ Nominations In Detail - article added 18/01/10  D16
3rd Evictee: Lady Sovereign/ Sov - article added 18/01/10  D16
Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide! - article added 18/01/10  D16
Third Round Of Nominations Tonight, Live - article added 18/01/10  D16
Dane Calls Sov 'Nasty' After More Food Wastage - article added 18/01/10  D15
Alex: "I'm A Role Model For Youngsters" - article added 17/01/10  D15
Second Round Nominations - Who Voted For Who? - article added 17/01/10  D15
Second Round Nominees Announced - article added 16/01/10  D14
Housemates Wonder If BB Producers Expected Friction - article added 16/01/10  D14

Celebrity Big Brother 7 UK - Week 2
Sov Was Confident That She Wouldn't Leave - article added 16/01/10  D13
Jonas Is Missing Katia Already - article added 16/01/10  D13
Heidi Compares Experience To Winning The Lottery - article added 16/01/10  D13
2nd Evictee: Heidi Fleiss - article added 16/01/10  D13
1st Evictee: Katia Ivanova - article added 16/01/10  D13
Ivana Says 'Goodbye' To Sov Prematurely - article added 16/01/10  D13
You Ask: When Are The Rest Of The Evictions? - article added 15/01/10  D13
Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide! - article added 15/01/10  D13
Alex Nearly Gets Into Fight With Vinnie - article added 15/01/10  D12
Nicola's Not The Sharpest - article added 14/01/10  D12
Vinnie Challenges Alex Over Cross-Dressing Persona - article added 13/01/10  D11
Davina Comes To Terms With BB's Demise - article added 13/01/10  Gen
Is Lady Sovereign Actually Popular? - article added 13/01/10  D11
Sweet Dreams AREN'T Made Of This! - article added 13/01/10  D10
Does Vinnie's Future Lie In Pubs And Politics? - article added 13/01/10  D10
Katia Gets Upset Over 'Jonas Romance' Ribbing - article added 12/01/10  D10
Voting Telephone Numbers - 'Double' Eviction - article added 11/01/10  D9
UK Charity To Benefit From CBB7 Votes - article added 11/01/10  Gen
Alex Wants Independence From Jordan - article added 11/01/10  Gen
Jonas' Girlfriend Hints That It's Over - article added 11/01/10  Gen
Stephanie's Suicide Story - article added 11/01/10  D8
Vinnie's Property Plan Makes Sense - article added 11/01/10  D8
Ivana's Age Has Them Stumped - article added 11/01/10  D8
First Round Nominees Announced - article added 10/01/10  D8
Group Punished For Nomination Talk - article added 10/01/10  D8
Katia Dumps 'Clingy' Basshunter - article added 10/01/10  D8
Non-participating Celebs Criticise CBB7 - article added 10/01/10  Gen
Heidi Wants To Leave - article added 10/01/10  D7

Celebrity Big Brother 7 UK - Week 1
Dane Continues To Deny Alex Scrap - article added 09/01/10  D6
Look, But Don't Touch! - article added 09/01/10  D6
Ivana Trump Appears During Magic Trick - article added 09/01/10  D6
A New Housemate Arrives Tonight - article added 08/01/10  D6
Group Will Put On A Live Variety Show - article added 08/01/10  D6

Audition For Big Brother 11, The Last-Ever Series - article added 07/01/10  Gen

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