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Key: D1, D2 etc. refers to stories about Day 1, Day 2 etc., Gen refers to General BB stories and BBO refers to stories specifically about this site. This section was updated daily when the show was on air.

Click a heading below to read the relevant news article. NB. This page refers to Celebrity Big Brother 5; to visit our general BB Latest News page, click here.

Celebrity Big Brother 5 - Week 4
What Will Davina Say? - article added 28/01/07  D26
Who Wins Tonight? YOU Decide! - article added 28/01/07  D26
Voting Telephone Numbers For The Finale - article added 27/01/07  D25
You Are Now Voting For A WINNER! - article added 27/01/07  D25
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Celebrity Big Brother 5 - Week 3
Dual Eviction To Ease Jo's Exit? - article added 26/01/07  D24
Who Goes Tonight? Who Do You Want To Win? - article added 26/01/07  D24
IMPORTANT: Voting Suspended For Now... - article added 25/01/07  D23
Talking Stalkers - article added 25/01/07  D22
Voting Telephone Numbers - 4th/ 5th Evictions - article added 25/01/07  D22
Third Round Nominees Announced - article added 24/01/07  D22
Is Jack In Cloud Cuckoo Land? - article added 24/01/07  D22
She's As Cold As Ice - article added 24/01/07  D22
Shilpa's Story - article added 24/01/07  D21
The House Gets A Visitor - article added 24/01/07  D21
"Oh Ian, You're Talking Complete Von Trapp!" - article added 24/01/07  D21
Channel 4: Protecting Their Own Interests - article added 23/01/07  D21
Showgirls Task Passed - article added 23/01/07  D20
The Dirk Benedict Fan Club... Not! - article added 23/01/07  D20
It's The End Of The World As They Know It - article added 23/01/07  D20
Curry On Up The Khazi - article added 23/01/07  D20
Newbie Housemates: Better Late Than Never? - article added 22/01/07  D20
Does Shilpa Have The Game All Sewn-up? - article added 22/01/07  D20
Dirty Dirk Scrubs Up For Shilpa - article added 21/01/07  D18
Cleo's Comedy Flirting Riles Dirk - article added 20/01/07  D18

Celebrity Big Brother 5 - Week 2
Max Clifford Says 'Odds Against Jade' - article added 20/01/07  D17
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dirk - article added 20/01/07  D17
Jade's Worried, Shilpa's Not - article added 20/01/07  D17
All Voting Profits Go To Charity - article added 19/01/07  D17
Second Round Nominees Announced - article added 19/01/07  D17
Is Jade's Career At The Cliff's Edge? - article added 19/01/07  D17
No Crowd At The 3rd Eviction - article added 19/01/07  D17
Who Goes Tonight? Erm, Let Me Think! - article added 19/01/07  D17
Jade 'Bigs Herself Up' (Again) - article added 19/01/07  D16
Voting Telephone Numbers - 3rd Eviction - article added 18/01/07  D16
What's Going On With The Voting? - article added 18/01/07  D16
Channel 4's Chief Exec Speaks - article added 18/01/07  D16
Newbies Postponed/ Nominees Withheld - article added 17/01/07  D15
Channel 4 On The Back Foot Over Allegations - article added 17/01/07  D15
New Housemates Arriving Wednesday? - article added 16/01/07  D14
'Copter Confusion - article added 16/01/07  D14
Love And Marriage - article added 16/01/07  D14
Jo's Conversation Is Going To The Dogs - article added 16/01/07  D13
C4 Refutes Racism & Bullying Claims - article added 16/01/07  Gen
Assault Course Task Failed - article added 16/01/07  D13
"That Shilpa... She's A Nightmare" - article added 16/01/07  D13
Stuck In The Middle With You - article added 15/01/07  D13
Tears Before Bedtime - article added 15/01/07  D12

Celebrity Big Brother 5 - Week 1
2nd Evictee: Carole Malone - article added 13/01/07  D10
The Davina Interview: Leo Sayer - article added 13/01/07  D10
Leo's Escape In More Detail - article added 13/01/07  D10
Leo Quits In Dirty Pants Tantrum! - article added 12/01/07  D10
Leo: "I Did It For The Exposure" - article added 12/01/07  D10
Jade's Jibber Jabber - article added 12/01/07  D10
Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide! - article added 12/01/07  D10
CBB5 Viewing Figures Are Fine - article added 12/01/07  Gen
The Group's Reaction To The Nominations - article added 12/01/07  D9
Carole Irate Over Punishment - article added 12/01/07  D9
First Nominations In Detail - article added 12/01/07  D9
Voting Telephone Numbers - 2nd Eviction - article added 11/01/07  D9
First Round Nominees Announced - article added 11/01/07  D9
The Leo Effect - article added 11/01/07  D8
How The Other Half Lives - article added 11/01/07  D8
Shilpa: "Dirk's Too Old For Me" - article added 10/01/07  D8
Carole & Cleo Penalised At First Nominations - article added 10/01/07  D8
Who Stays Tonight? YOU Decide! - article added 10/01/07  D8
Carole's Column - What She Said Before Going In - article added 10/01/07  D7
Life's A 'Drag' For Fun-loving Jack - article added 10/01/07  D7
Leo Ruins The Moment - article added 10/01/07  D7
Jade On Family, Friends And Fortune - article added 10/01/07  D7
Bollywood Backlash - article added 09/01/07  D7
Jack Speaks Shocker! - article added 09/01/07  D6
Group Passes BB Manor Task - article added 09/01/07  D6
Leo: Skint, Or Just Plain Greedy? - article added 09/01/07  D6
Is Leo's Moaning Getting Too Much? - article added 09/01/07  D6
Jo Buckles Under The Pressure - article added 08/01/07  D6
It's Been Emotional For 'H' - article added 08/01/07  D5
Danielle And Carole Are Tiring Of Leo - article added 08/01/07  D5
Dermot O'Leary Interviews Donny - article added 08/01/07  D5
Ken To Speak-out On BBBM? - article added 08/01/07  D5
Now Ken Has Quit The Game - article added 07/01/07  D5
Jade Discusses Her Road To Fame - article added 07/01/07  D5
"Just Call My Name, And I'll Be 'Hair'" - article added 07/01/07  D5
Jackiey Talks About Her Accident - article added 06/01/07  D4
Who Is She(ena)? - article added 06/01/07  D4
Who'll Replace Donny? - article added 06/01/07  D4
Donny Has Left The Building - article added 06/01/07  D3
Voting Telephone Numbers - 1st Eviction - article added 05/01/07  D3
You Are Now Voting To SAVE Someone - article added 05/01/07  D3
Move Over Courtney, Here Comes Danielle! - article added 05/01/07  D3
The Face Fanclub - article added 05/01/07  D2
Ain't No S Club Party For Jo - article added 05/01/07  D2
'H' 4 Ken? - article added 05/01/07  D2
Donny Susses Jade's Impending Arrival (Confirmed) - article added 05/01/07  D2
Leo Makes 'Em Feel Like Dancing - article added 05/01/07  D2
Tea, Toast And Taxing Conversation - article added 04/01/07  D2
If You Need Help, Call 'The Z-Team' - article added 04/01/07  D1
Is Jo's Career Behind Her? - article added 04/01/07  D1
'H' Discusses His Sexuality - article added 04/01/07  D1
The Punk And The Poodle! - article added 04/01/07  D1
Shilpa And Dirk Get Deep - article added 03/01/07  D1
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Who's Going In Tonight? BBO Reveals All - article added 03/01/07  Gen
Interview With Dermot O'Leary - article added 03/01/07  Gen
Interview With CBB5 Top Brass - article added 03/01/07  Gen
BB Fans, Russell Needs You! - article added 02/01/07  Gen
Is Jade Returning To The House? - article added 01/01/07  Gen
More CBB5 News And Rumours - article added 30/12/06  Gen
Celebrity Big Brother (5) Is Back! - article added 09/12/06  Gen
Big Brother Recommissioned For Another 3 Years - article added 01/12/06  Gen

Celebrity Big Brother 4
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