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Straight 'To Win' or 'To Be Evicted Next' Bets:

Let's say you staked £10 at odds of 8/1 (8 to 1) on a particular contestant being the Overall Winner, or perhaps being the Next To Go. By luck or good judgement, that person does win/ leaves the house at the next eviction.

To work out what your return would be, you need to multiply the amount you staked (£10) by the odds accepted (8/1), which in this example is easy: £10 x 8 = winnings of £80. However, you also get your stake back when you win, so you would receive a total of £90 back from the bookies. You stood to lose £10.

If the odds were lower at 3/1 (3 to 1) and instead you staked £20 to make it worthwhile, you'd see a total return of £80 if you won - this is 3 x £20 = £60, plus your £20 stake back.

The problem comes when the odds start getting much lower and it is then, that people start getting confused. Here's an example:

Say you back a contestant 'to leave next' by staking £30 at the relatively low odds of 7/4. What this means is that for every £4 you stake, the bookie will pay you £7 in winnings. Frankly, you might have to get your calculator out for this one!

Just divide 7 by 4, = 1.75. This tells you how much the bookie will pay you for each pound staked and breaks things down so that it becomes easier to understand.

Then multiply the amount you have staked by 1.75; so £30 x 1.75 = £52.50 (that's your winnings), but of course you get your stake back, making for a total return of £82.50. And for that, you stood to lose £30. Got it?

It still works if the odds are the other way around, for example if you stake £50 at 2/5. Thus: 2 divided by 5 = 0.4, times that by your stake of £50 = £20. So, you would stand to actually win £20, return £70 and lose £50. Simple!

Each Way Bets:

In an each way bet with Blue Square, you are covering yourself in the eventuality that the contestant might not come first, but comes in second or third instead.

Say you stake £20 'each way' at odds of 8/1 (8 to 1) on a particular contestant being the Overall Winner; this would cost you £40 in total. If that person does actually win, with an each way bet it's as-if you'd bet twice:

You'd get £20 x 8 = £160, plus your stake back which is actually £20 (not £40). So, £180. However, the other £20 you staked also pays you something.

So, £20 x (one quarter of the odds) 2 = £40, plus your stake back = £60.

Add £180 and £60 together and you would see a return of £240 for the £40 you stood to lose. Of course, you could have just gone for a straight bet of £40 To Win at 8/1, returning you a total of £360. However, with the each way bet, you still win if the person comes second or third in the game.

In that case, you would get the £60 back as detailed above, but no more. Still, at least you wouldn't have lost money, which you would have if you went for the straight bet and the contestant you backed failed to win.

Only you can work out whether to go for a straight bet or an each way bet, but if you're quite certain that you are right, a straight bet for the same stake will always reap greater rewards ultimately if it comes good.

Finally, if you still don't understand the above, please read it all again!

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