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Our Big Brother 8 Betting Activity from 2007

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Here's how well we did with our bets during Big Brother 8

Compared to previous years this wasn't our best series in terms of profit, but that was partly because the bookies knew what was likely to happen throughout. Basically, they were far more savvy than they used to be in the early days, and consequently offered reasonably-low odds all the time.

This meant we had to risk larger amounts of money, but we made nearly £800 in the end, so we musn't grumble! If you had a little gamble during Big Brother 8, we hope you did okay too.

Overall Result: won £880, lost £100, making for a Total Net Profit during Big Brother 8 of £780.

Thursday, 30th August 2007 (Day 93)
We got a bit carried away believing the Polls, and bet £40 at 7/2 on the 'Finishing Positions' market. We predicted that the Top 3 finalists would be Samanda, Brian Belo and then Ziggy Lichman, however we were miles-out in the end because the actual result was Brian (Winner), Samanda (Runner-up) and then Liam McGough. Although we might have made a £140 profit if the gamble had worked, we actually lost our £40 stake.  Result: £40 loss.

Tuesday, 28th August 2007 (Day 91)
Fans were now voting for their winner and we took our own advice, given in an article published in our news section, and placed two bets on Brian Belo. However, it was the 'Betting Without The Favourite' market so it didn't matter what happened to the Twins, who were favourite to win at the time. We staked the maximum amount allowed of £650 on Brian twice, at odds of 1/6 (£1 profit for every £6 staked), and the bets came right when he won the series a few days later. Brian had to come either 1st or 2nd for us to win, and we just couldn't see him coming 3rd.  Result: £108 profit + £108 profit = £216 profit.

Tuesday, 21st August 2007 (Day 84)
This week it was a Double Eviction, and Jonty Stern, Kara-Louise Horne and Tracey Barnard were 'up'. So, a little while after the nominees were announced we backed Kara and Tracey to go with a £375 stake at the odds of 1/4. This was just before the odds dropped to 1/6 on that market, and the bet paid-off becauses we made a profit of just under £94 when that pair were evicted on the Friday night.  Result: £94 profit.

Tuesday, 7th August 2007 (Day 70)
On the day the nominees were announced we backed Amy Alexandra to go next, as previous Polls indicated that she was hated. And our bet came right when she was evicted on the Friday night with a 58% majority against three others: Jonty Stern, Kara-Louise Horne and 'Samanda' (Sam and Amanda). The odds were a low 1/8 because the bookies were switched-on to the likely outcome of the eviction, so we had to stake a considerable £350 to win just under £44 plus our stake back.  Result: £44 profit.

Friday, 3rd August 2007 (Day 66)
Whoever remained in the Halfway House on the Thursday faced eviction this week, and that was: David Parnaby, Kara-Louise Horne, Shanessa Reilly and Tracey Barnard. Two people were set to be evicted so we ran two separate Polls to find-out who the fans' least favourite and second-least favourite were out-of the four contenders. On the Friday when it was obvious that David and Shanessa weren't popular, we placed a bet on that pair becoming the 7th and 8th evictees. Staking £330 at odds of 1/6, we made £55 when they were both evicted later that day.  Result: £55 profit.

Friday, 27th July 2007 (Day 59)
Just hours before Charley Uchea's inevitable eviction, we placed a speculative bet on what the mouth-almighty housemate might say to Davina McCall if she got evicted. Not really expecting to win the bet, we staked £10 on her saying 'I'm not being funny...' when she first met the Big Brother host. Due to Charley's predictability we made £60 when she was kicked-out that night and uttered her favourite phrase at the eviction interview (the odds were 6/1).  Result £60 profit.

Monday, 23rd July 2007 (Day 55)
The day before the nominees were announced we went for 'speculative' bet. Such bets are riskier by definition than betting when the nominees have been announced, but the odds are generally better so the potential rewards are higher. We couldn't really see any other outcome than Charley being 'up' that week, and if she faced eviction she couldn't possibly survive. So, we staked £150 on Charley Uchea going next at the odds of 2/5 (£2 profit for every £5 staked), and when the bet came right we returned a total of £210.  Result: £60 profit.

Tuesday, 10th July 2007 (Day 42)
On the day the nominees were announced for the fake eviction, people were piling money on Nicky Maxwell going at first, although it seemed obvious to us that it would be Charley Uchea. So, when the latter's odds went from a very low 1/20, through 1/14, to 1/10 and ended-up at 1/3 all on the same day (i.e. better odds, in-part due to all the people backing Nicky), we had a £250 bet on Charley. In actual fact, it subsequently became a lot closer between the two in the popularity stakes, but Charley was fake-evicted on the Friday night, meaning we won just over £83 profit.  Result: £83 profit.

Tuesday, 3rd July 2007 (Day 35)
Almost as soon as the nominees had been announced, we backed Laura Williams to go at the 4th Eviction, taking into account what the Polls had indicated up to that point. The odds were low, so we staked £300 on her at 1/5, which won us a profit of £60 when she was evicted on the Friday night. It's a good job we placed our bet quickly though, because within an hour the odds had slipped to 1/8, and they just got lower-and-lower as time went on.  Result: £60 profit.

Wednesday, 20th June 2007 (Day 22)
The nominees had been announced the day before and we were fairly sure that Seany O'Kane would leave with a majority in the public vote. So, we bet £150 at odds of 1/2, meaning we returned £225 when he was evicted two days later.  Result: £75 profit.

Monday, 11th June 2007 (Day 13)
Gerry Stergiopoulos had been in the Big Brother House for a few days and we felt that fans warmed to him straight away, thinking him a fun, Nadia-type character (although he wasn't transsexual). So, we staked £35 at the odds of 7/1 on Gerry becoming the Winner of Big Brother 8, which would have returned us £280 if he'd gone all the way. Also, if Gerry had come 2nd Overall we'd have got our money back due to Paddy Power's 'Second Coming' offer. However, Gerry was evicted in Week 11 and so we lost our £35 stake.  Result: £35 loss.

Wednesday, 6th June 2007 (Day 8)
The nominees for the 1st Eviction had been announced, and by the end of the day it looked like it was going to be 60/40 in favour of evicting Shabnam Paryani. So, we staked £250 at odds of 8/15 (£8 profit for every £15 staked), meaning we would have returned around £380 if Shabnam had gone. However, the eviction was cancelled and the bet carried forward until the 1st Eviction took place the following week. It was a no-lose bet in the end because if Shabnam hadn't been up again, or if she hadn't been evicted, our stake would have been refunded by the bookie. Shabnam did get evicted with a huge majority in the end though, so we made that £133 profit even if we had to wait an extra week for it.  Result: £133 profit.

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Sunday, 3rd June 2007 (Day 5)
We used our FREE £25 bet from Paddy Power to back Chanelle Hayes to win next, as she was coming across better than we thought she was right at the very beginning of the series. So, we staked £25 (Free of charge) at the odds of 12/1, and would have made £300 if she'd won Big Brother 8. We stood to lose absolutely nothing, but in the end Chanelle quit on Day 62 and so we lost the bet.  Result: Neither a profit nor a loss.

Friday, 1st June 2007 (Day 3)
For our first bet of the series, even though Laura Williams was the early favourite to win and Carole Vincent was just behind her, we decided to back Tracey Barnard to Win because she was so down to earth and didn't seem to have a gameplan. Also, her odds went from 10/1 to 16/1 (i.e. better), so we jumped-in and staked £25 on the raver, meaning we'd have seen a profit of £400 if the bet had come right. Also, if Tracey had come 2nd Overall, we'd have got our money back due to Paddy Power's 'Second Coming' offer. In the end though, we lost £25 when Tracey was evicted with Kara-Louise in the penultimate week of the game.  Result: £25 loss.

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