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Our Big Brother 7 Betting Activity from 2006

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Here's how well we did with our bets during Big Brother 7

In the bets detailed below we cleared a 'grand profit during Big Brother 7, which just goes to show that you can make a tidy profit during the summer if you follow public opinion and are prepared to risk a few 'quid.

Although we didn't place any substantial £2000 bets as we have done in previous years, we needed to place more higher-value bets this time around, regularly staking upwards of £500. This was due to the fact that the bookies had become more switched-on as-to what was likely to happen during a series of Big Brother, compared to earlier years.

Indeed, the bookies thought that Pete Bennett was the likely Winner right from the start, but it didn't stop us making good money over the 13-week period. We hope that you also made a profit if you went for a flutter during Big Brother 7. If not, you know what to do this year!

Overall Result: won £1225, lost £225, making for a Total Net Profit during Big Brother 7 of exactly £1000.

Wednesday 9th August 2006 (Day 84)
Richard Newman and Imogen Thomas had been sent to the House Next Door, but only one of them would return to the main Big Brother House on the Friday night. We predicted that the public would want to save Richard for a sixth time (he'd survived eviction five times already, Imogen had survived four times), and so we staked £150 on Imogen Thomas to go at the early odds of 1/6. Richard Newman's odds were 7/2 to start-with, but eventually went to 7/1, whilst Imogen's plummeted to a mega-low 1/20. In other words, the bookies were sure that she would go by Friday afternoon. We returned £175 when Imogen did indeed get the boot.  Result: £25 profit.

Monday 10th July 2006 (Day 54)
For a change, the 'Next Eviction' market was available with Blue Square in advance of the nominations taking place. So, we decided to take advantage and place another speculative bet. Going by the Polls, we staked £40 on Suzie Verrico at 7/2, £40 on Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace at 13/2 and another £40 on Nikki Grahame at 15/2. We stood to return £180, £300 and £340 respectively, or to lose the whole amount staked (£120) if none of that trio had become nominees and subsequently got evicted. Due to Jayne's punishment, however, they were all up that week and so it turned out to be an absolutely brilliant bet. We returned £340 when Nikki was booted-out on the Friday night.  Result: £300 profit + £40 loss + £40 loss = net profit of £220.

Wednesday 5th July 2006 (Day 49)
It was Lea vs Richard at the 6th Eviction Proper, and Polls indicated that Lea Walker might get around 65/ 70% of the vote. So, we staked £500 on her at the very early odds of 1/8, which made us over £60 profit when she got kicked-out. However, it wasn't as certain a gamble as we thought it was, because Lea actually received just 54% in the public vote. This was arguably because the public turned against rival nominee Richard due to his derogatory comments about Wales.  Result: £62 profit.

Wednesday 28th June 2006 (Day 42)
Either Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace or Suzie Verrico were set to move to the Secret House, and it looked like fans would likely send the former, mainly because whichever housemate got 'evicted' would definitely be coming back. So, we staked £500 on Aisleyne to go at the early odds of 1/10, meaning we returned £550 when she left on the Friday night (only to return a week later).  Result: £50 profit.

Saturday 24th June 2006 (Day 38)
We finally took the plunge and backed Pete Bennett to Win, as that outcome was looking likely even though there was seven weeks to go until the end of the series. So, we staked £750 on him at odds of 1/2 (meaning we stood to gain a profit equivalent to half the amount staked), which returned us £1125 when he eventually won Big Brother 7. It may look like a risky bet, not least because Pete might have quit the show and we'd have lost our stake. Or, he might have been tricked into leaving the game, but the latter scenario was just as unlikely as him quitting, because the producers knew how popular he was with fans and they would probably have contrived to keep him in.  Result: £375 profit.

Wednesday 21st June 2006 (Day 35)
The nominees had been announced the day before and there were four in number, but it was obvious from Polls that Lisa Huo was the one the public were gunning for. So, we staked our biggest amount yet, £750, on the Mancunian nominee being evicted at odds of 1/10 (£10 staked gives £1 profit). We therefore returned £825 when Lisa was evicted on the Friday night.  Result £75 profit.

Friday 16th June 2006 (Day 30)
By the time we placed this bet, Nikki Grahame had already survived against Sam Brodie and looked very likely to survive against Grace Adams-Short the same evening. So, seeing as the public were apparently warming to Nikki, and ignoring the fact that Glyn Wise was the second-favourite to win behind Pete Bennett, we placed a £30 stake on Nikki Grahame to Win Big Brother 7 at the odds of 12/1. Our bet was looking good until her tantrums became too much, and the public sent her home the week that everyone-but Jayne Kitt was up. At the time, Nikki was the third favourite to win.  Result: £30 loss.

Saturday 10th June 2006 (Day 24)
Okay, this one's complicated! Paddy Power was offering odds in advance of the nominations even taking place, so we decided to back Grace Adams-Short to go next with a speculative bet. We staked £200 on her at the odds of 5/6, which would have been a big risk if we hadn't also put some side bets on. So, we put £40 on Lisa Huo at 5/1, £15 on Nikki Grahame at 16/1 and £10 on Imogen Thomas at 22/1. We reasoned that Suzie wouldn't nominate the people she'd invited to her meal, and we were right. Anyway, our side bets would have returned us £240, £255 and £230 respectively, but the main point of them was to stem our losses should Grace have failed to become a nominee. We had staked a total of £265, all of which would have been lost if none of the four people above had become nominees. However, it was Grace versus Nikki in the end so we couldn't lose, and when the former left on the Friday night we made an overall profit of just over £100.  Result: £167 profit + £40 loss + £15 loss + £10 loss = net profit of £102.

Wednesday 7th June 2006 (Day 21)
The nominees had been announced a day before, and there was early indication that Sam Brodie was the most unpopular of the two candidates. So, we staked the lowest amount we could get away with while still making it a worthwhile gamble – £300 – at the low odds of 1/6. This returned us £350 when Sam was kicked-out at the 3rd Eviction, although our money wasn't all that safe because she actually received just 54% in the public vote i.e. it was reasonably close between her and fellow nominee Nikki Grahame.  Result: £50 profit.

Monday 5th June 2006 (Day 19)
Our initial bet backing Grace Adams-Short to win was looking decidedly dodgy at this stage of the game, so we decided to back Richard Newman to win also. Pete Bennett had been the bookies' favourite for some time, but we reasoned that fans might have tired of him towards the end of the series. Glyn Wise's odds were getting lower by the day (meaning he was more favoured by the bookies) but we weren't convinced that he could actually come first and win it. So, given that Richard's odds were a brilliant 20/1, we staked £25 on him to Win, meaning we'd have seen a return of £525 if he'd gone all the way. Unfortunately Rich wasn't as popular as we'd hoped though, and we lost our £25 stake when he came 4th at the series Finale.  Result: £25 loss.

Thursday 1st June 2006 (Day 15)
We were tempted to go for a speculative bet on Nikki Grahame the previous weekend (i.e. ahead of the nominations), but we held-off on that occasion. Instead, we backed Sezer Yurtseven to go just a day before the 2nd Eviction. His odds were low at 1/7 (you put £7 on to make £1 profit) so we had to stake a large amount again. However, we thought that Sezer's eviction was totally inevitable and so we staked £500 at 1/7, returning us £571 when he got kicked-out by the fans the next day. It was a good job we placed our bet when we did though, because Sezer's odds for eviction subsequently went down to 1/12, then 1/25, and ended-up at 1/33 (otherwise known as a certainty!)  Result: £71 profit.

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Thursday 25th May 2006 (Day 8)
For our first bet of the series we backed Grace Adams-Short to Win. Big Brother's Little Brother host Dermot O'Leary had tipped her to win, and we also felt that she had potential. We reasoned that past winners have been, in order: male, male, female, male, female and male, so apart from a glitch at the beginning of that list, there's a pattern which said that it could be a girls' turn to win again. Of course, we were talking complete rubbish, because our £25 bet on Grace at 22/1 (£22 profit for every £1 staked) came to nothing when she became a bit of a hate figure and was kicked-out on Day 30. We could have made a profit of £550 though, so it was worth a go.  Result: £25 loss.

2nd Bet: Bonnie Holt had been announced as a nominee the day before, and fellow nominee Dawn Blake got kicked-out by Big Brother for cheating (or whatever). So, we backed Bonnie Holt to become the 1st Evictee of the series, as internet Polls suggested that Glyn Wise was the more popular of the two remaining nominees. However, bookies were on-the-ball meaning Bonnie's odds were low, so we had to stake a decent amount of money to make it worthwhile. Our stake of £250 at odds of 1/5 (£1 back for every £5 staked) returned us £300 when Bonnie was kicked-out the next day.  Result: £50 profit.

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