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Our Big Brother 6 Betting Activity from 2005

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Here's how well we did with our bets during Big Brother 6

Not a fantastic series for us in terms of betting, mainly because it transpired that everyone we backed to win (Makosi, Kemal and then Derek) got booted-out one by one! As far as the bookies were concerned Anthony Hutton was looking likely to win for the last three weeks, so his odds were quite low towards the end. By then it was necessary to stake reasonably large amounts of cash in-order to back him, so we were reluctant to do that until the final week.

Still, the amount of profit we cleared in the end is not to be sniffed at... although it's a very good job that Eugene Sully didn't actually win, or we'd have made almost nothing. If you went for a flutter during Big Brother 6, we hope you made a good profit too.

Overall Result: won £1471, lost £590, making for a Total Net Profit during Big Brother 6 of £881.

Monday 8th August 2005 (Day 74)
With just five housemates left in the game and the public voting for a Winner, we backed Craig Coates to be the next to leave the Big Brother House. His odds were low because it was almost a certainty, so we had to stake £250 at 1/3 to win a profit of £83 when he was kicked-out on the Wednesday night.  Result: £83 profit.

2nd Bet: We hadn't backed Anthony Hutton to win ourselves, but on this very page we said about the possibility of the disco dancer winning: "We honestly can't see any other outcome". As eventual Runner-up Eugene Sully had temporarily gained popularity, Anthony's odds improved from 2/5, so we jumped-in and basically staked everything we'd won so far. Putting £500 on Ant to win at odds of 8/13 (£8 back for every £13 staked), we returned almost £808 when he won Big Brother 6 at the end of the week.  Result: £308 profit.

Tuesday 19th July 2005 (Day 54)
The nominees had just been announced and it was Science versus Orlaith at the 8th Eviction. Straight away it looked likely to be a close-run thing according to internet Polls (and remained 50/50 all week). So, we backed Orlaith McAllister to go using some of the potential winnings from our recent bet on Science (see below). That way we literally couldn't lose, and we made a profit of £70 overall. At odds of 4/11 we put £250 on Orlaith becoming the next evictee, a bet we lost when she survived. We would have made well over £600 had she been evicted as we thought she probably would.  Result: £250 loss, but see the following bet.

Sunday 17th July 2005 (Day 52)
In yet another speculative bet, we backed Science (aka Kieron Harvey) to go with a £40 stake at odds of 8/1, predicting that he might become one of the nominees and get evicted. Indeed, Science was announced as one of the two nominees on the Tuesday, and got kicked-out at the 8th Eviction by the slimmest margin possible (50.5%). As a result we returned £360, but we also lost our related bet on Orlaith (see above).  Result: £320 profit.

Wednesday 13th July 2005 (Day 48)
The speculative bet we placed on Craig at the weekend backfired when Big Brother implemented its 'lying' twist, meaning that the unpopular hairdresser wasn't up for eviction. So, we backed nominee Vanessa McIntosh to be the one to go at the 7th Eviction of Big Brother 6. She and Makosi were neck-and-neck in the opinion Polls, but we felt that Vanessa was more disliked among her peers. At odds of 15/8 our £50 stake gave us a profit of nearly £94 when Vanessa was booted-out a couple of days later, offsetting the £30 loss we'd already made that week. This goes to show that you can 'make-good' a bad bet if you're prepared to take a further risk.  Result: £94 profit.

Saturday 9th July 2005 (Day 44)
Another speculative bet in advance of the nominations, we backed Craig Coates to go at the 7th Eviction. However, due to Big Bro's 'lying' twist, Craig wasn't actually up for eviction that week and so we lost our money. Our £30 stake at odds of 11/4 would have returned £112.50 (£82.50 profit, plus our stake back) if Craig have been evicted.  Result: £30 loss.

Wednesday 6th July 2005 (Day 41)
Bookies were offering low odds on nominee Science being evicted next, meaning they thought the rapper was most likely to go at the 6th Eviction (this was the case right up until the actual eviction). However, we begged to differ, and so even though we'd already backed him to go two days before, we backed Maxwell Ward with a further stake of £30 at odds of 9/4 (£9 profit for every £4 staked). When Max was evicted on the Friday night and our opinion was vindicated, we returned almost £98.  Result £68 profit.

Monday 4th July 2005 (Day 39)
Another speculative bet, we backed Maxwell Ward to become the 6th Evictee by staking £20 at odds of 7/2 on the day of the 6th Round of Nominations. Although Craig Coates was unpopular with fans, his odds were a low 5/4 the day before, making it not worthwhile backing him. At the time, Max polled 26% and Craig 18% (Vanessa was next on 13%) in our 'Who Do You Want Out Next?' Poll. Max went on to become one of the nominees and was subsequently booted-out at the 6th Eviction of Big Brother 6, therefore we returned £90.  Result: £70 profit.

Thursday 30th June 2005 (Day 35)
Just before his odds went right down, we decided to back Derek Laud to win the series 'just in case'. What we mean by that, is that we didn't really expect him to win, but were covering money we'd already staked on other contenders (£230 so far) should he do-so. Effectively, we were saying that we thought the Winner would be among the trio of Makosi, Kemal and Derek, however we also mentioned Anthony as a possible winner in our news articles. We staked a low'ish £40 on Del Boy at odds of 7/1, so if he'd have won, we'd have returned £320. However, he failed to win and so we lost our stake.  Result: £40 loss.

Wednesday 29th June 2005 (Day 34)
The nominees had been announced the day before and Saskia Howard-Clarke was looking more-and-more likely to be evicted. So, after encouraging someone in our own Big Brother Forum to place a bet, we took our own advice and backed her to go with a £150 stake! The odds were a lowly 1/4 (£1 profit for every £4 staked) so it was quite a gamble, but we'd already made a few 'quid so far during the series and were pretty sure that she was going. We returned almost £138 when she got evicted two days later.  Result: £38 profit.

Monday 27th June 2005 (Day 32)
On the day of the 5th Round of Nominations, a day before the nominations would actually be revealed, we backed Maxwell Ward and Saskia Howard-Clarke to be the next evictee of the series. Our Poll said that you wanted that pair out most, so we staked £40 on Saskia at 13/8 and £25 on Max at 3/1. As it turned out, we'd actually picked the two nominees and so we couldn't lose. Of course, we lost our stake on Maxwell, but returned £105 from our bet on Saskia when she was evicted on the Friday night.  Result: £65 profit + £25 loss = net profit of £40.

Saturday 18th June 2005 (Day 23)
In advance of the 4th Round of Nominations, we placed yet another speculative bet, this time backing three potential nominees/ evictees. Derek's odds were too low to make such a gamble worthwhile, so we backed Maxwell Ward with a 'tenner at 5/1, Saskia Howard-Clarke with a £10 stake at 6/1, and Roberto Conte with a £20 stake at 7/2. So, we'd only staked £40 in total and it was never going to be a big winner for us. However, when Roberto was evicted at the 4th Eviction, even though we lost our stakes on Maxwell and Saskia, we still cleared a profit of £50 (£7 for every £2 staked, plus our stake back on Roberto).  Result: £70 profit + £10 loss + £10 loss = net profit of £50.

On the same day as our pre-4th Round Nominations bets, we decided to back Kemal Shahin to win the series. We'd missed backing him at 5/1 and felt that his odds would keep coming down. So, we placed a £65 each-way bet on Kemal to become the Outright Winner of Big Brother 6 at odds of 9/2 (total staked £130). This would have returned us £495 if he'd won, or almost £140 if he'd come in the Top 3. However, he did neither and so we lost our stake.  Result: £130 loss.

Sunday 12th June 2005 (Day 17)
We decided to go for another speculative bet this week, attempting to guess who might be up for eviction and get the chop. So, on the Sunday before the 3rd Round of Nominations took place, we staked £80 on Sam Heuston at odds of 2/1, and £55 on Derek Laud at 11/8 in the 'next to go' market (you have to keep checking the bookies website for this market, as it's not always available throughout the entire weekend). They turned-out to be good bets though, because we'd managed to pick 2-out-of-the-3 possible evictees when they were announced two days later. Having staked a total of £135, obviously we couldn't win with both bets; the bet on Derek was just to try and safeguard our stake on Sam really, and wouldn't have been very profitable had Sam stayed and Derek gone. However, when Sam was evicted at the 3rd Eviction we returned £240 (2 x £80, plus our stake back).  Result: £160 profit + £55 loss = net profit of £105.

Wednesday 8th June 2005 (Day 13)
The bet we'd placed on Sam Heuston a couple of days before (see below) was looking dodgy when we noticed a swing against Lesley Sanderson in respect of her popularity with fans. So, we decided to back her to go at the 2nd Eviction before her odds plummeted. Staking £200 at odds of 8/11 (£8 profit for every £11 staked), we returned £345 when Lesley got the boot on the Friday night.  Result: £145 profit.

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Monday 6th June 2005 (Day 11)
On the Monday before the nominees were even announced, we backed Sam Heuston to be 'next to go' at odds of 7/4. Staking just £40, we would have made a profit of £75 (plus our stake back) if our speculative bet had come good. However, although Sam did go on to become a possible evictee and was undoubtedly unpopular with fans, by the time the 2nd Eviction had come around, Lesley Sanderson was more unpopular due to her bully-like behaviour. We lost money on this bet, but see above.  Result: £40 loss.

Friday 3rd June 2005 (Day 8)
For our first bet of the series we backed Makosi Musambasi to win. Even though Makosi had been given Big Bro's secret task and was unpopular with her peers in that first week, we thought the public would end-up liking her, so we wanted to get in before her odds went down. Therefore, we staked £50 each way at odds of 8/1 on Makosi winning Big Brother 6 (a total stake of £100). This would have returned us £600 if she'd won, but the feisty nurse rather messed things up with her ridiculous pregnancy claims, after-which her popularity took a nose dive. Still, we said it wasn't a bad gamble at the time and we were right, because she eventually came third, which returned us £150 due to it being an each-way bet.  Result: £50 profit.

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