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Find-out more about the Ultimate Big Brother bunch, and remind yourself who participated in the earlier series

We'll put profiles for all of the Ultimate Big Brother housemates here in due course, but we also intend to list every participant since the show began in the UK in the year 2000.

In researching the latter list recently, we found it interesting trying to remember who everyone was by just seeing their names, which sometimes prompted the Big Brother Online team to exclaim: "Who the heck is that guy/ girl?!"

We'll try and add pictures of everyone here in due course to help jog your memory, but please make sure you pop back over the coming months as you'll probably find it interesting trying to remember everyone too.

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Here's who participated in Big Brother 11, in the order they entered the Big Brother House on Launch night:

Josie Gibson
Steve/ Steven Gill
Ben/ Benjamin Duncan
Rachael White
Nathan Dunn
Dave/ David Vaughan
Caoimhe Guilfoyle (pronounced Kee-va)
Govan Zachariah Hinds
Shabby Katchadourian
Ife Kuku
John James Parton
Sunshine, real name Yvette Martyn
Corin Forshaw
Mario Mugan.

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