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If You've Enjoyed Using This Website Over The Years...

Well BB Fans, Ultimate Big Brother has come to an end, and that means the Big Brother format has come to an end for good too (boo hoo). But we'll get back to that in a minute.

In time-honoured tradition, we ran out-of steam towards the end of Big Brother 11 and UBB, but we hope you enjoyed using the BBO site in 2010 nevertheless. If so, we want to thank-you for visiting us and seeing what we had to say about the show.

Whether you've been visiting the independent Big Brother Online website since the beginning in 2000, or only came across the site in 2010, we've really appreciated your support. If you're in the former camp, you may remember our fantastic discussion forum, which had a great community feel until a server failure killed it off along with our will to start it up again.

Even so, we hope you've enjoyed reading our unique News articles, getting early information about the weekly nominees and new housemates, and voting in our fun Polls over the years. Talking of which, given that our Polls gained a reputation for being accurate, the bookmakers probably owe us a drink for giving them a heads-up on what was going to happen throughout a series!

Actually, on that note, if you feel like giving something back and rewarding the small BBO Team for their efforts (we're not connected to Channel 4 in any way), there's something you can do to buy us a pint. No, we're not asking you to donate any money (although all donations and bequests will be gratefully accepted!), but it would great if you could sign-up and have a little bet.

Indeed, we're asking you to consider visiting our Betting Zone section and having a small bet of £10 or so, preferably with both bookies listed there, but with Paddy Power if you wish to sign-up with just one of them. You can place your bet on The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, the Grand National or the footy, and if you do that the bookies will give us a few 'quid as a thank-you.

The good thing is that in addition to making a 'thank you' gesture to the Big Brother Online staff, you'll get a Free Bet from both bookies listed in our Betting section. So, you get something out of it too. You could even win with your original bet and your Free Bet, so rather than your gesture costing you anything, you could be in double profit. Remember, winning bets get the stake returned, although obviously not in the case of the Free Bet where you just get the profit if you win.

It's genuinely quick-and-easy to sign-up and place a bet online, and is a lot more convenient than venturing into a betting shop. So, we're not going to plead with you to help us, but please give it some serious thought – you really can make a difference and indirectly thank us if you've enjoyed using the Big Brother Online website over the past decade. Visit our Betting section by clicking here now. There's no time restriction so even if BB ended a year ago, you can still get your Free bet.

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Lastly, there's still a chance that Big Brother UK could return on another TV channel in one format or another. And although we'd love to bring the BBO site back and keep it going, we are also keen to be involved in the decision-making of the programme in some way, for-which we would want to work closely with fans.

Therefore, please remain on our mailing list, because we've felt for years that the show should be more about what the fans want, than what a bunch of producers think is best. No disrespect to the show's producers – they've done a great job over the years – but they've also made some huge and avoidable mistakes such as 'vote to evict' in the penultimate week of Big Brother 11, which wiped-out most of the popular housemates/ likely finalists. Grrr!

Anyway, we'll just sign-off with a simple 'take care'. Hopefully, we'll metaphorically meet again. Many thanks in advance if you decide to place that small bet over the coming weeks – we appreciate it.

Check back soon for more Big Brother UK Latest News, and please participate in our fun Polls

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