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Read about the goings-on in the Big Brother House during Big Brother 2011

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This is our main Big Brother News landing page. For 2011 we've decided to stick to listing all of our unique articles on one page, as that makes it easier for you to find one from a few days ago, or to.browse through them all if you look back over the series. The latest articles are higher-up on the page. Just click the title of an article below to read it.

Of course, you can just click the links in the box to the right-hand side of this page (and many other pages) to read the very latest news articles individually. Once you've read an article, clicking the 'Big Brother News' link across the top of any page will bring you here.

General Big Brother UK News

 (Celebrity) Big Brother Returns In August - 11th April 2011
 Will Big Brother Return On Channel 5 After All? - 31st March 2011

Post Ultimate Big Brother UK News

 If You've Enjoyed Using This Website Over The Years... - Click here
 Josie and John James: What Happened Next? - 6th October 2010
 Win A Copy Of The 'Big Brother's Best Bits' DVD - 27th September 2010
 Big Brother Will Not Return To Channel 4 In January - 13th September 2010
 Davina McCall IS Big Brother - 11th September 2010

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Ultimate Big Brother UK - Week 3 News

 Big Brother Is Dead (And Probably Isn't Going To Five) - Day 18, 10th September 2010
 You Are Now Voting For A Winner - Day 17, 9th September 2010
 Nick: "I Think My Time Is Up" - Day 15, 7th September 2010
 Housemates Discuss The Future Of Big Brother - Day 15, 7th September 2010
 Brian's Followers Get Too Close For Comfort - Day 15, 7th September 2010
 Chantelle Discusses Reason For Marriage Failure - Day 15, 7th September 2010
 Vic Not Impressed With The ToT's Cold Showers - Day 15, 7th September 2010
 Nick Thinks He Might Get A Show From UBB Appearance - Day 14, 6th September 2010
 'Come Dine With Me: Big Brother Winners Special' Airs Tonight - Day 14, 6th September
 Nominees For The Fourth/ Fifth Evictions Announced - Day 13, 5th September 2010
 Vic's Into Davina - Day 13, 5th September 2010
 Housemates Continue To Reflect On Nadia's Demise - Day 13, 5th September 2010
 The Boys Talk Boy Bands - Day 13, 5th September 2010
 Nominations Today, Evictions On Wednesday - Day 13, 5th September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother UK - Week 2 News

 Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide! - Day 11, 3rd September 2010
 Brian Bemused By BBLBC Interview - Day 9, 1st September 2010
 Group Remembers The Big Brother Nutters - Day 9, 1st September 2010
 Makosi Despairs At Mobile Phone Wind-up - Day 9, 1st September 2010
 Brian And Ulrika Predict Final Three Housemates - Day 9, 1st September 2010
 Preston Hints That He's Falling Back In Love - Day 9, 1st September 2010
 Nick Will Get Closure From UBB Appearance - Day 8, 31st August 2010
 Victor Surprised By Relaxed UBB Vibe - Day 8, 31st August 2010
 It's Time For BBLBC: Episode 2 - Day 8, 31st August 2010
 John James' Tour Dates Announced - Day 8, 31st August 2010
 Nick And Vic Join Forces For 'BBLBC' - Day 7, 30th August 2010
 How Clean Is Your House? - Day 7, 30th August 2010
 Michelle Was Scared Of BB5's Jason For Years - Day 7, 30th August 2010
 Nominees For The Second Eviction Announced - Day 7, 30th August 2010
 Two Housemates Will Leave On Friday - Day 7, 30th August 2010
 Brian Worries That UBB Eclipsed Josie's Win - Day 5, 28th August 2010
 Now Coolio Has Quit - Day 5, 28th August 2010
 Could Josie Do Better Than John James? - Day 5, 28th August 2010
 John McCririck Is A Big Brother Record Breaker - Day 5, 28th August 2010

Ultimate Big Brother UK - Week 1 News

 Two New Housemates Arrive On Friday - Day 3, 26th August 2010
 Nominees For 1st Eviction Announced - Day 3, 26th August 2010
 Josie Has Quit Ultimate Big Brother - Day 3, 26th August 2010
 John Has Stocked-up On Coke - Day 1, 24th August 2010
 Coolio Is Back! - Day 1, 24th August 2010
 Getting To Know You (Again) - Day 1, 24th August 2010

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