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7th Nominations (Day 53) - The Final Nominations                                                       <<

The penultimate week of Big Brother began with just five contestants remaining: Brian, Dean, Elizabeth, Helen and Paul. At this stage, Dean and Elizabeth’s votes nominations were almost certain and the general consensus of opinion was that Brian’s vote would sway the outcome. Did it? Read on to find out:

Brian nominated Paul again first, stating that he got on better with other members of the group. He added, “All along, I haven’t really got on that well with Paul.” His second choice was Helen. This was mainly because it had been hinted-at previously, that the Dean/Elizabeth alliance would not be nominating the Irishman. He acknowledged that his reason for nominating Helen was ‘crappy,’ but said, “I have to.”

Brian's nominations: Paul and Helen

Dean's first nomination was Paul. This was because he had bonded very well with two particular people in the group, meaning Elizabeth and Brian. Therefore his second choice of Helen, came as no surprise. “She’s a lovely girl and I get on really well,” he said, before Reiterating the fact that he’d bonded more with other housemates.

Dean's nominations: Paul and Helen

Elizabeth’s first nomination was Paul, making it the fifth time in a row that she had nominated him. Her reason were that, “He’s the person I least get on with.” She acknowledged that he was a ‘nice guy’ but stated that she was closer to other members of the group. Her second nomination was Helen, because they were ‘so different’ and because she had to nominate someone. She had voted the same two people 3 weeks in a row.

Elizabeth's nominations: Paul and Helen

Helen went for Dean again as her first nomination. Her reason was exactly the same as last time around, when she said that she didn’t get on as well with Dean as she did with Brian and Paul. Last week Helen nominated Josh as her second nomination, saying that she got on better with Elizabeth. However this time, referring to Elizabeth she said, “We don’t really seem to connect that well.” She had expected them to connect more, when they became the last two girls in the house.

Helen's nominations: Dean and Elizabeth

Continuing his reasoning from last week, Paul's first nomination was Brian because, “As I said before, the spoilt factor.” He did accept that Brian had got better as time had gone on though. His second choice was Elizabeth. He clarified his decision by saying, "I don't want the others to go, and she snapped at me a few times."

Paul's nominations: Brian and Elizabeth

So, the tally after the seventh round of nominations was:

Helen: 3, Paul: 3, Elizabeth: 2, Brian and Dean: 1

In this seventh and final week of nominations, Helen and Paul will face the public eviction vote. Things have certainly hotted-up between the pair this week, but have fizzled-out of late. The polls prior to the nominations suggested that you wanted Dean or Elizabeth to go but as that's not possible and both will remain in the house into the last week of Big Brother 2.

So, Paul vs Helen? Despite having survived the public vote four times previously, Paul is almost certain to go this week. If you'd like a flutter on the 'Outright Winner' of the series, there are still some decent odds to be had on Helen (also Dean and Elizabeth.) Can she do it? It's entirely up to you, the voting public! Check-out the latest odds at the site by clicking here; you can get a Free £10 bet by becoming a new customer.

To see what happens after either Paul or Helen has left the house, please click here.

To vote Helen out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 06

To vote Paul out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 08

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity. You have until around 8.40pm on Friday 13th July to vote one contestant out of the house.

Callers from Eire need to call:

1540 71 70 06 to evict Helen, or

1540 71 70 08 to evict Paul.

Calls cost 46p. Mobile charges vary.

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