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6th Nominations (Day 46)                                                                                            <<

Into the seventh week, and the house had already lost Penny, Stuart, Narinder, Bubble and Amma. Would Paul get nominated and face the public vote yet again, or would the housemates give him a break this week? Here's what happened:

Brian's first choice was again Paul. He stated that he got on better with and more in common with other members of the group, adding that it could be his (own) sense of humour that causes a problem. His second nomination was Josh, for similar reason to Paul: because he had more in common with the rest of the group.

Brian's nominations: Paul and Josh

Dean decided not to go for his 'popularity line-up' reasoning this time around. He later explained how he admired the way Paul had taken his facing eviction time-after-time, so was acknowledging the strength of character he'd shown by giving him a week off. This was an admirable reason.
Dean's first nomination was Helen; he stated that he was getting on better with other people. He suggested that the big age gap (of 14 years) might be responsible for the fact that they didn't seem to have gelled. However, this seemed to contradict what he said last week, which was that Helen made him laugh. His second choice was Josh because, "I feel he has been quite guarded and I find it difficult to make a connection with him." Dean added that this might have been because Josh entered the house later than the rest of the group.

Dean's nominations: Helen and Josh

Again Elizabeth's first choice was Paul, even though she muttered something about wanting to give him a week off from being nominated; it was an irrelevant and superfluous statement though. She described him as a 'lovely guy' but said that he doesn't compliment her 'ideal group' of final contestants. She also said that she had never found anything in common with the hardy designer. Her second nomination was Helen, making her two nominations exactly the same as last week. Her reasons were basically because the two had nothing in common and liked/disliked different things. She conceded that there was 'no good reason really' adding, "We get on but we're very different."

Elizabeth's nominations: Paul and Helen

Dean was Helen's first nomination, because she didn't feel that she got on as well with him, as she did with Brian and Paul. Her second nomination was Josh for similar reasons, this time adding that she got on with Elizabeth and the above-mentioned two boys better. Her nominations were therefore the same as last week's.

Helen's nominations: Dean and Josh

Josh's first nomination was Brian. "I haven't been getting on as well with him as I had hoped, though things have got better," he said. His second choice was Helen. Josh stated that it was difficult to choose and suggested that both Brian and Helen weren't really on his wavelength.

Josh's nominations: Brian and Helen

Paul's first nomination was Brian because he'd noticed a spoilt side to the Irishman; he stated that this had rubbed with him since the very beginning. "He thinks he's going to be big after this - it's possible, but I don't think it's something you should talk about." Oh, but it's okay to brag about the size of your manhood on national television is it Paul? The 'fickle' nominator's second choice was Josh. He justified his choice by giving the following reasons: "Number one, he's a very, very competitive person and number two, there's like a poncey, slimy side to him." Paul also suggested that Josh 'hadn't been totally straight-up' about his sexuality and might have compromised the positions of some of the girls. "There's a lot we don't know about the guy," he concluded.

Paul's nominations: Brian and Josh

So, the tally after the sixth round was:

Josh: 4, Helen: 3, Brian and Paul: 2, Dean: 1, Elizabeth: 0

So, Paul has escaped the public vote this week! It is Josh and Helen facing eviction this Friday (the 13th!) instead. It is looking likely that Josh will go as the public seem to be warming to Helen's dizzy, but harmless ways now and also want to keep her in the house, in case there's any action between her and Paul. As always however, you decide! If you'd like a flutter on the next eviction or perhaps on the 'Overall Winner' of the series, check-out the site by clicking the image found on our home page and other pages within this site.

To vote Helen out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 06

To vote Josh out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 12

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity. You have until around 8.40pm on Friday 13th July to vote one contestant out of the house.

Calls cost 46p. Mobile charges vary.

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