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5th Nominations (Day 39)                                                                                            <<

By the fifth nominations, Penny, Stuart, Naz and Bubble had been ‘booted out of the house. This time around, Big Brother had decided to clamp down on some of the group’s previously vague and woolly reasons for nominating. Here’s what happened when the remaining seven housemates nominated in week 6:

Amma's first nomination was again Paul; she had nominated him every week since nominations began. She stated that she didn’t get on with him as well as some of the others in the group. Her second nomination was Josh, because she thought he could be too serious at times. Amma acknowledged that it wasn’t the best reason for nominating, adding, “I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to pick someone, but it’s the only reason I have.

Amma's nominations: Paul and Josh

For the third time in a row, Brian’s nominations were exactly the same. His first choice was Paul, because he felt he got on better with others in the group and had more in common with them. “If I’m ‘gonna be here, I ‘wanna be here with people that I’ve got more in common with,” he added. His second nomination was Amma. He stated that as the weeks go by, he likes to discuss things and have a laugh, but can’t do this so much with the lap dancer. Brian’s reasons this week were simply a more elaborated-upon version of last week’s.

Brian's nominations: Paul and Amma

This week, Dean was not allowed to get away with simply mentioning his ‘popularity line-up.’ Pushed for reasons for nominating Paul, he said that he was the one he got on with least within the group, because he doesn’t share any interests, had a different upbringing and had nothing in common. His second choice of Amma was justified by saying that he didn’t connect as well with her as with others and that they seem to have had different backgrounds and don’t share the same interests. He added that he gets on better with Helen than with Amma, as she makes him laugh more.

Dean's nominations: Paul and Amma

Elizabeth’s first nomination was again Paul. Before she had given personal reasons for nominating Paul but this week she said that he gels with the group least. She described the designer as a strong character who ‘stands out on his own.’ Her second nomination was Helen, who she described as a ‘lovely person.’ She added that although she gets on with Helen, “The decibel levels are a bit high for me.”

Elizabeth's nominations: Paul and Helen

Delivered in her usual ‘slightly whiney’ manner, Helen's first nomination was Josh. This was because, “I think he’s finding it a little bit hard this week.” It was reminiscent of the latter weeks of the original Big Brother, when contestants began nominating people and making out they were doing them a favour by getting rid of them! Her second nomination was Dean, because she got on better with Paul and Brian; she couldn’t explain to Big Brother why and got stuck for words. Helen had obviously had a change of heart about Brian, having nominated him for the past two weeks.

Helen's nominations: Josh and Dean

This week Josh went for two completely different people. His first choice was Amma, because she had been rather temperamental, bad tempered and aggressive towards the some of the group. His second nomination was Brian. Josh's stated that it had been a struggle with Brian right from the time he entered the house and added that, “I don’t really think he gets on well with me and he hides it…I think he wishes I wasn’t there.

Josh's nominations: Amma and Brian

Paul’s first nomination, as last week, was Amma. He justified his choice by saying that, “I don’t think she’s had a lot of respect for me from day one.” He was right; she had nominated him every week so far! He added that at the end of the day, he would rather stay in the house with the rest of the group. Following the heated discussion during the week when Paul was challenged over the kind of girl he goes for, his second nomination was Elizabeth. She has apologised for snapping at him but it had clearly annoyed him.

Paul’s nominations: Amma and Elizabeth

So, the tally after the fifth round was:

Paul: 4, Amma: 4, Josh: 2, Brian, Dean, Elizabeth and Helen: 1

This means that Amma and Paul now face the public eviction vote this Friday; it will be Paul’s fourth time and Amma’s first. The polls say that that Amma will definitely go but there was an upset last week, when Bubble went instead of Paul. Can the increasingly cocky Paul survive once again? You decide! If you'd like to try and beat the bookies like some visitors to this site did last week by backing Bubble, click the image found on our home page and other pages within this site for the latest odds.

To vote Amma out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 01

To vote Paul out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 08

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity. You have until 8.40pm on Friday 6th July to vote one contestant out of the house.

Callers from Eire need to call:

1540 71 70 01 to evict Amma, or

1540 71 70 08 to evict Paul.

Calls cost 46p. Mobile charges vary.

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