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4th Nominations (Day 32)                                                                                            <<

With Penny, Stuart and Narinder gone by the fourth nominations, some of the most controversial characters had already left the house. Up until this time, Dean was the only housemate to have avoided being nominated by anyone. Would his 'nomination free' run continue? Find out below:

Amma's first nomination was Paul for the fourth time running. Her reasons were again, because he was 'over excitable' and annoying. Her second nomination was Dean; she didn't connect as well with Dean as she did with other members of the group. This was Dean's first ever nomination since the start of the show.

Amma's nominations: Paul and Dean

Again Brian's first nomination was Paul. He stated that he was finding it easier to get with other members of the group than with Paul. His second nomination was Amma, for the same reasons. He intimated that as the weeks progressed, it was important to be with people you get on with. This made Brian's two nomination choices exactly the same as last week.

Brian's nominations: Paul and Amma

Bubble entered the diary room looking a bit miserable and pissed-off. Akin with Brian, Bubble's first nomination was Paul, for the same reasons. He declared that although he liked Paul, he didn't get on with him as well as he did with other housemates. Bubble's second nomination was again Josh because he was, "Over domineering," tries to do too much in the kitchen and was 'too nice' for the cockney's liking! This was slightly at odds with the reason Bubble gave for nominating Josh last week, which was basically because he had no manners.

Bubble's nominations: Paul and Josh

Dean once again used his 'popularity line-up' to describe how he'd decided on his nominations, which was getting a little tedious by this stage to say the least. His first choice was Paul and then Helen.

Dean's nominations: Paul and Helen

For the third time in a row, Elizabeth chose Paul as one of her nominations. Her reasons were the same as before, because she had connected with him the least. She described her second nomination as, "Probably going to be unpopular." It was Brian. "He's a very one man show," was how she described the Irishman, adding that you need to get involved in his hi-jinks and that she's not that kind of person.

Elizabeth's nominations: Paul and Brian

Looking fidgety, Helen's first choice was Bubble, because she, "Didn't get on with him that well." For her second nomination, she chose Brian for the second week in a row. She stated that although she found him funny, sometimes he was a little bit selfish.

Helen's nominations: Bubble and Brian

Only Josh's second time at the nomination process but again he didn't hold back. His first nomination was Paul because he was, "The person that winds me up the most." Take note Dean, this is how you give your nominations! His second choice was, as last week, Bubble. Again he apologised and said that even though he found Bubble funny, he was, "A bit too loud." And there was us thinking that Bubble had been much more sedate since hurting his leg?

Josh's nominations: Paul and Bubble

Perhaps sensing the way she felt about him (having nominated him every week so far, ) Paul's first nomination was Amma. This was because she was the housemate he got on with least. Paul's second nomination was, for the third week in a row, Bubble. He felt that got on with other housemates better, but acknowledged that Bubble was a funny guy. Like Brian, Paul also hinted that it was important to be with people you get on with as it gets closer to the end of the game.

Paul's nominations: Amma and Bubble

So, the tally after the fourth round was:

Paul: 6, Bubble: 3, Amma and Brian: 2, Dean, Helen and Josh: 1, Elizabeth: 0

After the fourth nominations, every single housemate has now received at least one nomination. Bubble and Paul now face the public eviction vote; Bubble was quite a surprise and the voting will almost certainly be a close call this week. The public really wanted Amma out, but that wasn't to be. Again, people will say that Paul should go because he is boring, but it could also be argued that Bubble is getting increasingly moody and boring himself. Whether the public will take into account the pair's rather different reasons for being in the house is anyone's guess. If you'd like to see the current betting odds and maybe have a little flutter, click on the image found on our home page and other pages within this site.

To vote Bubble out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 03

To vote Paul out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 08

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity. You have until 8.40pm on Friday 29th June to vote one contestant out of the house.

Callers from Eire need to call:

1540 71 70 03 to evict Bubble, or

1540 71 70 08 to evict Paul.

Calls cost 46p. Mobile charges vary.

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