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3rd Nominations (Day 25)                                                                                            <<

By day 25, Penny and Stuart had been evicted, with Helen and Paul surviving the first two public votes. Before these third nominations, Brian, Dean and Josh were the only housemates not to have been nominated; this was the first time Josh was eligible to nominate or be nominated. Here's what happened:

Amma's first nomination was Narinder. Her reasons were because she can sometimes be selfish and, "Can't take what she dishes out." With her second nomination, Amma nominated Paul for the third time running. This was because he was sometimes a bit too excitable, although the public having conversely suggested that he's a bit boring.

Amma's nominations: Narinder and Paul

This week Brian's first nomination was Paul because his attitude had changed since being nominated last week and, "It might cause problems within the group." Brian decided to lay off Helen this week and chose Amma as his second nominee. He stated that she likes to debate a lot and sometimes it can lead to argument. Of course, he overlooked the fact that most of the time his confidante Naz is also involved!

Brian's nominations: Paul and Amma

Bubble went for Narinder as his first choice because she'd 'had a pop at him' and called him a shit-stirrer, something he refuted. He added, "I personally believe it's hard to have an argument (in the confines of the house). It affects everyone else that's in here, so she made me bite my tongue which I don't like doing." Bubble's second nomination was Josh. About the 'new boy,' he said, "I haven't bonded with him," going-on to state how he had been brought-up to say please and thank you; Josh had borrowed one of Bubble's hats without asking and it appears to have been the cardinal sin!

Bubble's nominations: Narinder and Josh

Dean's nominations were once again very brief; he used his personal 'popularity line-up' to describe how he'd decided on his nominations. This may be a legitimate way of justifying his choices, but seems a bit of a cop-out and makes for reasonably dull viewing. He nominated Paul first and then Narinder, making it the third week in a row that he's nominated her. When pushed to elaborate, he simply added that Narinder is the housemate he gets on least well with. He nominated the same housemates last week.

Dean's nominations: Paul and Narinder

"Narinder's a lovely person and personally I get on with her very well, but on a group level, I feel that sometimes she's too sensitive for in here," was how Elizabeth described her first nominee. She added that Narinder causes 'shouting' to occur between the housemates. Her second choice was, as last week, Paul. She apologised to Paul for nominating him and said that although she'd had some nice conversations with him, he was the person she lest 'connects with' in the house. Elizabeth's nominations have turned out to be the people facing eviction every week so far, prompting some to call her 'Mystic Liz!'

Elizabeth's nominations: Narinder and Paul

Helen's first choice was Brian as she'd seen a different, more selfish side to him that she didn't like. She added, "Perhaps I've seen him being a little bit 'all about him' all the time." This was Brian's first ever nomination. Her second nomination, unsurprisingly, was Narinder. Recently she'd been picking on Helen, who described her as, "The person I get on with the least." Quite an understatement!

Helen's nominations: Brian and Narinder

This was Josh's first week of being included in the nomination process and he was straight in there! His first nomination was Narinder, as he believed that she was cause of most of the arguments in the house. His second choice was Bubble. He apologised to the cockney but said that he was sleeping a lot and not contributing to the group as he might in normal circumstances.

Josh's nominations: Narinder and Bubble

Walking into the diary room with a stern face, Narinder obviously had some attitude to convey and nominated Amma first. About the lap-dancer, she said, "She has to disagree with everything and Amma has had a different issue every week she's been in here. Coupled with the fact she has a food problem, eats raw mince and sits in a orange blanket constantly." Oooh, bitchy! This week narinder gave Helen a break and instead nominated Bubble, as she did in the first round of nominations. She said that there was a thin line between when he's just messing about and when he's being serious, adding that, "It's quite scary." This was the exact same reason Helen gave for nominating the cockney last week.

Narinder's nominations: Amma and Bubble

Even though Amma had nominated Paul three times and he'd nominated her twice previously, he didn't go for the lap dancer this time around. Instead, his first nomination was Brian. Paul was concerned over the way the Irishman had dealt with his issues over Josh, saying that he'd seen a spoilt side to him. He did state however, that Brian was 'a lovely guy.' His second nomination was Bubble for the second week. This was because he felt Bubble was in it for different reasons (to win?) and had said that he would leave straight away if he knew he wasn't going to win. As in last week's nominations, Paul also added, "He could irritate me at later stages."

Paul's nominations: Brian and Bubble

So, the tally after the third round was:

Narinder: 6, Paul: 4, Bubble: 3, Amma: 2, Brian: 2, Josh: 1, Dean, Elizabeth and Helen: 0

After the third nominations, Dean remains the only housemate to be free of any nominations. Narinder faces the public vote for the first time; it's Paul's second time this week. People have suggested that Paul is rather boring but we think he's just an ordinary, decent bloke. That said, he doesn't seem to contribute to the house much in the way of cooking etc. Narinder seems adept at causing arguments so if we lived in the house, we'd probably want to see the back of her by this stage! However, she will almost certainly provide us with more entertaining viewing than Paul so… you decide!

To vote Narinder out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 07

To vote Paul out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 08

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity. You have until 8.40pm on Friday 22nd June to vote one contestant out of the house.

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