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2nd Nominations (Day 18)                                                                                            <<

By day 18, Penny had already been evicted and eleventh housemate Josh had joined the group. Who nominated who the second time around? Here’s the result:

Amma’s first nomination was again Paul. She said he was, “A lovely bloke,” but some of the things he says and does annoyed her and ‘bring out the worst’ in her. Her second choice was Stuart. “He’s veeeeery competitive,” was how she described him, adding that he had a bit of a ‘smug streak.’

Amma’s nominations: Paul and Stuart

The Irishman reckoned that Stuart had changed in the past week and had become more competitive than the rest of group. He thought that this might cause friction in the weeks to come, hence his nomination for Stu. Brian’s second nomination was Helen, one of his choices at the first nominations. He described her as, “A nice girl, “ but detailed how she requires a lot of reassurance over simple daily things. He was probably thinking that she’d be the most likely to let the group down in the tasks.

Brian’s nominations: Stuart and Helen

The prankster’s first nomination was Paul, based on the fact that he didn’t get on as well with Paul as he did with other housemates. This was a continuation of the situation between the pair in the run-up to the first nominations. His second nomination was Helen. He cited her as having a lack of self-belief and hinted that she would mess the tasks up for the group if she stayed.

Bubble’s nominations: Paul and Helen

Dean’s nominations were very brief and to the point. He nominated Narinder first because she was ‘the person he gets on least with.’ He then nominated Paul, stating that the CAD designer was the next in line to Narinder in his personal ‘popularity line-up.’

Dean’s nominations: Narinder and Paul

Citing him as ‘not being on the same wavelength,’ Elizabeth’s first nomination was Paul. She was also not impressed by him spitting over the plants continuously. Her second choice was Stuart due to his competitive, aggressive edge.

Elizabeth’s nominations: Paul and Stuart

Helen’s nominations echoed the first round where she nominated Narinder and Bubble. She maintained that Narinder and herself just ‘didn’t gel’ and claimed that Bubble was scaring her with his shouting, even though he says he’s just kidding around.

Helen’s nominations: Narinder and Bubble

Again, in the same way that Helen nominated Narinder, it was obvious that Helen would be one of Naz’ nominations again. She had tried to ‘give her the benefit of the doubt’ but Helen had thrown it in her face by arguing at the weekend. Narinder’s second nomination was Stuart. She declared, “I’d really like to get rid of a few of the boring blokes in here, “ so she started with Stuart. “His main focus is getting a tan,” she bitched.

Narinder’s nominations: Helen and Stuart

Amma had riled Paul by ‘thinking she knows a lot’ and possibly continuing the tension between them over the failure of the fire task, his first nomination was again her. He nominated Bubble second, stating that the cockney would probably start to annoy him if he remained.

Paul’s nominations: Amma and Bubble

Stu’s first nomination was Amma. He didn’t think she was pulling her weight in the house or was particularly interested in group activities. His second choice was, as in the first nominations, Narinder. He had a specific reason for nominating her and said, “In one of the challenges she let someone else take the blame for the failure and I'm displeased by that.”

Stuart’s nominations: Amma and Narinder

So, the tally after the second round was:

Paul: 4, Stuart: 4, Helen: 3, Narinder: 3, Bubble: 2, Amma: 2, Brian, Dean and Elizabeth: 0

It seems Helen has had a reprieve this week, following her near eviction at the first public vote when the voting was fairly close. Brian and Dean continue to be free of any nominations but Stuart, who received no nominations last time, now faces eviction; probably because his competitiveness stepped-up a gear when Josh joined the group. Joining him is, rather surprisingly to us, Paul. Okay he’s not the most interesting person in the world but he's alright. But hey, we don’t have to live with him 24 hours a day so what do we know! There can really only be one choice though, and our current poll (on the Home page of this site) backs that up.

It's down to you.

To vote Paul out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 08

To vote meathead Stuart out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 10

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity. You have until 8.40pm on Friday 15th June to vote one contestant OUT of the house.

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