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1st Nominations (Day 8)                                                                                            <<

This year, the very first nominations took place within a week of entering the house, something the contestants only learned-of the previous day. Following-on from the precedent set by the recent Celebrity Big Brother show, the nominations went out live to the nation. This was unbeknown to the group, however they did have their suspicions. Here's how the first nominations went:

First up was lap-dancer Amma. As she made her way to the diary room, the group sang Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Life goes on,) replacing BB1's "It's only a game show" song, which the group sang to re-iterate that it is only a game.

Amma's first nomination was Paul. She stated that he wasn't always honest with himself and therefore, not always honest with the group. This was obviously in reference to the events discussed the previous evening, regarding whether Paul had left one person manning the fire before Helen had. She also stated that, "He tries too hard at times." Her second nomination was fairly predictable. It was Penny. As she had stated on more than occasion during the week, Amma was not happy with Penny's controlling and patronising manner. She believed that it would irritate everyone over a long period of time.

Amma's nominations: Paul and Penny

For Brian's sprightly 'skip' to the diary room, the group again belted-out the Beatle's song they'd sung for Amma. He nominated Helen first, relating how she is sometimes immature and that annoys him. His nomination for Elizabeth was based purely on the fact that he hadn't got to know her as well the other contestants during the week; "Just bad luck for her," as he put it. He was in and out of the diary room in a flash as his nominations were delivered very quickly.

Brian's nominations: Helen and Elizabeth

Bubble was next, however their song, originally intended to keep moral up during the nomination process, was starting to fizzle out by that time. With a stern, serious look, Bubble gave Paul as his first choice. He said this was because he hadn't got on with Paul that well and that there'd been an incident that had 'sowed the seed.' We believe he was referring to the conversation with Amma, in which she pointed the finger at Paul over the failure of the 'fire' task. It strikes us that Bubble had been obviously influenced by Amma. Particularly as his second choice was Penny. He acknowledged that Penny was a great girl, but said she was too domineering.

Bubble's nominations: Paul and Penny

By Dean's turn, when Brian had sussed that the show was probably going out live, no song accompanied his walk to the diary room (or any of the subsequent contestants.) Dean nominated Narinder first as out of all the housemates, he felt he had connected the least with her. He then nominated Penny, saying, "She unwittingly causes friction" amongst some of the housemates, but not him.

Dean's nominations: Narinder and Penny

Perhaps helped into making her nomination choices by previous conversations with Naz (Narinder,) Elizabeth didn't think that Penny was a good contributor-to or influence on the group, so nominated her first. She then gave her second nomination as Hilda (Helen,) saying rather bizarrely, "I think there's 'gonna be more sun in Wales for her." This was a strange way of saying, "I just want rid of her" and if it was supposed to be tactful, it didn't really work. When pushed to give proper reasons by Big Brother's long silences, she blurted out that it was very hard and they were all 'lovely people'

Elizabeth's nominations: Penny and Helen

Helen's first choice was Bubble, as she had seen 'a side of him that she didn't like' the previous night when he was in a mood. Her second choice was Narinder because she felt that she didn't get on so well with her as she did the other girls.

Helen's nominations: Bubble and Narinder

Given her prior comments to Penny and Elizabeth about Helen, predictably the Welsh hairdresser was Narinder's first nomination. Helen had constantly got Narinder's name wrong throughout the week and had offended her. She also, "Didn't put 100% into the task" and gave Narinder constantly 'hackey (dirty) looks. Her second choice of Bubble, was based on her perception that 'he likes the sound of his own voice' and at times, ignored her contribution to conversations.

Narinder's nominations: Helen and Bubble

Paul looked apprehensive and was keen to get to the diary room, if not just to get the nomination process out of the way. He stated that he didn't really want to do it, but nominated Amma first. In a touché to Amma's first nomination for him, Paul was unhappy that the lap-dancer had tried to pin the blame on him for the task failure; especially as he thought it was all cleared up and that the group had accepted the blame. Next, he nominated Helen because he thought she was 'slightly up herself,' due to a couple of things that she'd said. He was also unhappy with some of the looks that she'd given, kind-of bolstering Narinder's nomination on the grounds of 'hackey looks.

Paul's nominations: Amma and Helen

The schoolteacher's first nomination was Helen. "I find her quite tactless at times" was her justification and she could see how Helen could offend people without realising it. Her second nomination was Amma as she found her selfish, only wanting to do the things that she likes doing.

Penny's nominations: Helen and Amma

The last to go in, Stuart's first nomination was rather predictably Penny, just as he'd hinted the day before; he had obviously not forgiven Penny for the argument in which she'd said to him, "F**k you, arsehole" for snubbing her. He justified it with the statement, "She mothering the group and therefore, she's smothering the group." He then went on to say how Narinder had started off well, but that she wasn't contributing to the group now. His second choice was Narinder.

Stuart's nominations: Penny and Narinder

So, the tally of nominations after the first round stood like this:

Helen: 5, Penny: 5, Narinder: 3, Amma: 2, Bubble: 2, Paul: 2, Elizabeth: 1, Stuart, Dean and Brian: 0

This means that Helen and Penny go forward for eviction. At the beginning of this first week, Bubble, who had started to annoy the others with his hyperactive nature, was the bookies favourite to leave the house first. Penny was the next favourite, joined by Stuart after their 'barny. No-one really thought that Helen would be up for eviction. We might be on our own here, but we quite like Penny and want her to stay in the house a little longer. Put it this way, the contestants get the chance to tactically vote who they want to kick out...but we get the chance to tactically vote who we want to keep in the house. In other words, even if you hate Penny with a passion, it still makes better TV with her in there. And that's all we as viewers need to worry about, not what it would be like to live in the house!!

So, it's down to you.

To vote Penny out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 09

To vote dizzy Helen out of the house, call: 09011 15 44 06 (hint!)

Calls cost 25p (mobile charges vary) and 5p goes to charity You have until 8.40pm on Friday 8th June to vote one contestant OUT of the house.

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