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Big Brother Online is a long-established, independent website dedicated to covering the popular television show 'Big Brother', which has proven to be compelling viewing for millions of people since it began in 2000. Indeed, the 3-month-long series inevitably becomes the talk of offices and homes around the country during the summer, attracting the interest of a diverse group of internet users from college students, through young parents, to 30 and 40-something professionals.

Due to our independent status and the (some might say) addictive nature of our stories, Big Brother Online visitors keep coming back for more as a series progresses. In addition to reading our unique News stories, fans also enjoy voting in our regularly-changed fun Polls, which are known for their accuracy and help attract repeat visits.

It's all about having fun and allowing fans to catch-up on events in the Big Brother House, through quality content that they can't find elsewhere. And those fans, who generally become loyal visitors to the BBO website, could become your loyal customers in 2011.

Last year's Big Brother 11 and Ultimate Big Brother series on Channel 4 were thought to have been the last-ever series in the UK. However, it now looks like Channel 5 may bring Big Brother back with a revised format and a new presenter. If that happens, there's bound to be plenty of interest in the revamped show, something you can take advantage of by advertising with us.

At Big Brother Online we believe in creating effective campaigns for our advertisers, and will consider all ideas put to us in respect of helping to promote your products or services. We can offer anything from banner advertising, to dedicated boxes/ sections on our Home page, through Sponsorship of specific sections (such as our Betting Page, Latest News page or Polls), right up to Main Sponsorship. With the latter, your company would benefit from branding/ a clickable logo on virtually every single page served by us (millions), providing almost 100% share-of-voice.

Pop-unders and eyeblasters are also a possibility, but most advertisers tend to take a run-of-site banner Tenancy for the duration of the series, thereby providing excellent value for money. Banner sizes for 2011 are standard Leaderboards across the top of the page, standard Skyscrapers in the right-hand margin above the fold, and square MPUs lower down on the page, but embedded within the actual content to ensure they get seen.

So, it doesn't matter whether you're representing a major Blue Chip company or a small, independent/ start-up, please get in-touch as soon as possible and let's talk about how Big Brother Online can help your business or brand grow with a sustained, high-profile and cost-effective advertising campaign during Big Brother this summer. Advertising with BBO is very affordable and offers a great opportunity to maximise your marketing budget this year.

Please get in-touch via the following e-mail address (or visit our 'Contact Us' page for the link), and we'll be happy to give you a call to discuss a possible deal: .

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We are also happy to hear from companies keen to supply us with Prizes for competitions, although most companies promoted in our Competitions section/ Newsletter take some advertising too, in-order to maximise their exposure. Legitimate full-or-part 'contra' advertising deals (goods in lieu of payment) are also a possibility, and we've agreed such deals with some major brands in the past.

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Thank-you for your interest in advertising with BBO during this summer's sure-fire 'hit' TV show. To read an informal History of the Big Brother Online website, click here to go to our 'About Us' page.

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